Having mobile issues

I have the real estate news section bleeding into the footer I disable edit, for now, had someone fix it once before but had to restore the database.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Joseph,

    Oh, I see it now, sorry about that.
    Based on the HTML structure there you have these two classes added to that visual composer element, vc_hidden-sm and vc_hidden-xs.
    These classes are used to hide elements on certain sizes, so hidden will mean to hide it of course, and SM and XS will apply the code for certain screen sizes.

    To fix this, check your page structure in Visual Composer and the classes assigned to this section and remove the two above-mentioned ones, vc_hidden-sm and vc_hidden-xs.

    You mentioned that there was a fix for this before, I'm guessing that you used CSS to overwrite the values and show that section, and from what I see in page HTML there are IDs that look like this vc_row-5c232889793e6 which was probably used in the CSS fix.
    I'm not that much familiar with VC but such numbered IDs are usually dynamic so it probably changed over time and stopped your CSS from working.

    Best regards,

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