Having problem with image in Business theme

I just installed the Business theme and am having a problem when I add featured image for feature area on home page. The page content sits fine until I set the image. The image shows up fine, but the content ends up down on top of the first post area.

I replied to your email response to my last ticket but I'm not sure if it will get to you.

I also asked about the image on the demo. I searched iStock for hours to try to find one that is similar to no avail. I really like the way it looks with the color scheme and the subject matter is perfect. I also tried other free stock sources and couldn't even find something close. Could you possibly tell me how to find it, or could I have permission to just use the copy I downloaded from the demo?

The last issue that is somewhat pressing is I cant find a way to hide the meta data and comment form from posts. I found a couple of different things that I tried adding to the css, but I guess they don't work with this theme. One of them worked with the theme I had prior to this.

One other thing while I'm here, log in lands on the home page. Can I make it so users land on a different page, such as a different members home page?

Thanks in advance,
Sean Thompson