Having problem with private and friends only chat. Private chat is not getting started. Instead of o

Hello! I purchased Chat plugin 2 days back. Gotta say very nice job. I have installed it on my website, reconfigured it a little bit to my requirement. But now I am having problem with Private Chat. And instead of friends all members are shown in box.

  • Paul


    So many tickets so little remember. Can you be specific about exactly what problems you are still having since upgrading to 2.0.2?

    One more thing: can user status(online, away, offline) can be changed from user profile. I am trying to figure out the solution but I am not getting it.

    Yes, on each user's profile there is a set of options to control the chat. One option is the user's status. This is shown as a dropdown and is also shown in the WP toolbar at the top of the page. See screenshots or both options

    Sure, I'll take FTP access. Will also need wp-admin access. Again specify specific issues. Please using the contact link at the bottom of this page. As part of the information reference this thread URL and ask that the information be forwarded to me. I'll take a look in the morning.

    We'll get that client off your back. :slight_smile:

  • Paul


    I tried creating an account in the site this morning and have yet to receive my account email confirmation. So sort of stuck investigating this. But did notice something interesting. And @Jack Kitterhing you might be also interested.

    When I'm on the login page I see the following via the Firebug console.

    The AJAX calls should NOT be happening that fast. Seems there is not the appropriate default for the polling interval.

    So @Nagesh before you do anything else please go to Chat > Settings Common. On the first tab "Polling Interval' please make sure this is set to some value and save the settings. I'll work on adding some better defaults for this.

  • Paul


    Yes I have already upgraded all the files to chat 2.0.2. But its still having those issues

    Actually no you have not. I can tell from the way the code (JavaScript) looks. In pre-2.0.2 the chat plugin loads the js library jQuery.cookie via the normal methods. But in Chat 2.0.2 the cookie library is loaded dynamically.

    So that I see the line in the HTML referencing the jquery.cookie I know this is not 2.0.2

  • Nagesh

    Hello Paul

    Can you please share your email address. I will send following details:

    1. An account details with admin privileges
    2. FTP Account
    3. Issues
    4. Feature Suggestions

    And about the status feature I was hoping that user should be able to change his chat status from the front end on chat corner box itself. I don't want user to go to admin panel just to change the chat status.

    Ok I will backup everything and update it. ok.

  • Paul


    Can you please share your email address. I will send following details:

    Sorry but no. I stopped doing that because members tend to want to email me directly with questions and questions really need to be posted to the forums. So please using the Contact link at the bottom of this page. Please reference this forum thread in the body and request the information be forward directly to me.

    Please send the #1 & #2 items.

    Please do NOT send #3 & #4 items. If you have issues and suggestions (thanks) please post them here. There are many other user who can benefit from both of those pieces of information.


  • Paul


    The 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page. see image.

    1. Chat Status feature, without going to admin panel

    Not sure I follow. Maybe there is some confusion on the use of the Chat status. If a user is actively participating in a chat session then the chat status is not used. Think of it this way. I host a weekly Chat session on some page of my website where other public users show up and discuss things. During that time I set my chat status to unavailable so that other WP users within my system can see I'm busy working on something and do not want to be be disturbed.

    The use can enable showing the WP toolbar for the front-end via their profile. If however your theme has totally disable the WP toolbar then the only way to change the chat status is by going to wp-admin. No other plans yet to add a way to change the status. Sorry.

    2. Private chat is not working

    Can you be more specific? There are multiple way sot initiate private chats. So I'm not sure of which I need to help with. Via any chat session (Page, Widget, Bottom Corner) only the moderator can initiate a private chat with other users. If the user is an admin-level role and has access to list the Users > All Users they will see a new column shown for each user role. If the user is available they will be able to initiate a private chat. If you have the Friends plugin installed the user can go to the Friends listing (in wp-admin) and see who is online and initiate a private chat. Also if your are showing the WP toolbar the online friends will be listed there below the chat status and they will be able to initiate a private chat.

    3. Non friend members are also visible, even my own account is visible on chat box.
    Again I need more details of something. Within a chat box leads me to thing of an group chat session like Page, Widget or Bottom Corner. There are not friends only chats. These are public group chat where anyone either WP, or if enabled Facebook, Twitter, Public users can join.

    At the moment there is not a Friends only option but I do like that. I also lim the ability to add users to an existing private one-to-one chat. So in other words a three-way chat.

  • Nagesh

    1. Chat Status feature, without going to admin panel
    ->Ok, may be if you can help me out I can provide status changing option on the top of website, same option which is in edit profile on admin panel. I think will be able to do it but I have to understand the code for that particular function first. I am not that WP geek yet. :slight_frown:

    2. Private chat is not working
    ->When I login on the website. I have set up the Chat to be shown as a box on the Bottom Right corner on the website. I can see every person who is online, Even my own profile. When I click to initiate a private chat, a new box pops up saying "type message", I type the message and I send, but on the other end that member with whom I am trying to chat don't get the message or anything. I tried it several time, but no luck.

    Actually I have modified the plugin as per client's requirements. So I have deleted that "Lock Icon" which was used to initiate the private chat, and I have modified the code so that when I click on the users row, private chat will be initiated with him/her. But I think I messed up somewhere in the code. Earlier it was working but now it doesn't work.

    3. Non friend members are also visible, even my own account is visible on chat box.
    ->Ok I will check the solution you have shared and let you know.

    I have shared the details you have asked using contact link but i forgot to add this thread's link.

    Thanks Paul for your help and support. I really appreciate it.

  • Paul


    I can't login to your system. In the other thread I copied the information before delting it from public view. But when I try the login it just reloads the page and nothing changes.

    1. Best option is to allow/enable the WP toolbar at the top of the page. Can't really help with a custom coding at the moment.

    2. Um. Wait you modified the chat plugin and now the code doesn't work. Sorry. Upgrade to the supported 2.0.2 version then we can talk.

    3. Again, I'm not sure what you are telling me here. Chat box to me is the active chat session. Give me some screenshots please. The Friends plugin manages the relationship between two WP users. This is not part of Chat. Confused. Sorry.

  • Paul


    Only one problem left to solve: Changing status without going to admin panel. I will find the solution and let you know.

    There are two public functions you can use. Look in the plugin file

    To get a user's chat status:
    $user_id: pass in the user ID or leave blank and will assume urrent user.

    To update the user's chat status
    wpmudev_chat_update_user_status($user_id=0, $status = 'offline')
    $user_id: pass in the user ID or leave blank and will assume urrent user.
    $status: This is the key of the internal chat status array. See the next section

    You can get the chat status array via:
    get_option( 'wpmudev-chat-user-statuses', array() );
    This will return an array of the current defined statuses. In the format like the following:

        [available] => Available
        [away] => Away
        [offline] => Offline

    You need to pass in the element 'key' as in 'available', 'away' or 'offline'. Plus as a bonus you can define your own chat statuses.

    You can setup a filter on the hook ''wpmudev-chat-user-statuses'. Your function will be passed the status array. You can append/change items then return the array.

    As always thanks for using the chat plugin and being a WPMU DEV Member. Let us know if you need anything else.

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