Having problems mapping domains on my forwarding server

Having problems mapping domains on my forwarding server I have ---
classifieds.actioninaustin.com 14400 IN CNAME austinclassifieds.theactionsociety.com

realestate.actioninaustin.com 14400 IN CNAME austinclassifieds.theactionsociety.com

medicaltourism.actioninaustin.com 14400 IN CNAME austinmedicaltheactionsociety.com

actioninaustin.com 14400 IN A

in austinrealestate.theactionsociety.com under domain mapping
http://realestate.actioninaustin.com/ is custom domain
original blog is: http://austinrealestate.theactionsociety.com/

http://classifieds.actioninaustin.com/ is custom domain
original blog is: http://austinclassifieds.theactionsociety.com/

http://medicaltourism.actioninaustin.com/ is custom domain
original blog is: http://austinmedical.theactionsociety.com/

http://actioninaustin.com/ is custom domain
original blog is: http://austinbusiness.theactionsociety.com/

under the network admin --- server id is and domain entered by user

If I try to go to austinclassifieds.theactionsociety.com -- it takes me to classifieds.actioninaustin.com and site not found

and the same with the others

austinbusiness.theactionsociety.com goes to actioninaustin.com and shows me the root of that directory

  • aristath

    @mindset do you own the http://actioninaustin.com/ domain?
    When I visit that domain I don't get a WordPress site... all the other links are 404s.
    On http://theactionsociety.com/ it says Currently powering 1 blogs
    so these are not subsites of the network:

    If they were, the count would be more than 4 sites and not 1!!

    How exactly have you set-up your network and where is the Domain Mapping plugin enabled?

    Please advise,

  • Techtomic

    I don't think you have to have a dedicated IP address, it just makes it easier (along with using a wildcard DNS record).

    All the domains you mention are set up fine in DNS as they all resolve to It doesn't matter if you achieve this using A records or CNAME records (you mention a forwarding server, DNS doesn't do forwarding even if using CNAME records, so not sure if there's confusion there.)

    It sounds like you're using shared hosting. I think you just need to ensure all the domain names are pointing to the right webspace - i.e. Wordpress MU site. Only then does domain mapping take care of showing you the right blog and forwarding as necessary.

    If you're using cpanel you need to "park" your additional domains onto your main domain... so that the server knows that requests for xyz.com and abc.com should be served by the same site.

  • mindset


    yes I have the domains and sub-domains on actioninaustin.com and no there are not blogs installed on those domains --- I don't need them there ----

    theactionsociety.com is where I have all the blogs -- I want my actioininaustin domain and subdomains to map and forward to --- the subdomains on theactionsociety.com

    instead -- they redirect the wrong way -----

    and yes they are sub-sites but each one has the same owner ---- so I don't know if that changes the number on the front page -- but before I did the mapping -- each of the sites displayed perfectly -- austinclassifieds.theactionsociety.com austinrealestate.theactionsociety.com etc -----

    the domain mapping plugin is nnetwork activated on theactionsociety.com and I have 20 some sites all by one owner


    Yes, I am on a shared hosting -- reseller account with hostgator --- and the actioninaustin.com is an actual domain on that server with space --- now the sub-domains do not exist --- on the server other than the cname records

  • aristath

    I'm afraid I'll have to take a closer look at your installation to figure out what's going on...

    Can you send me your admin credentials please?
    - Send an email using our secure contact form on https://premium.wpmudev.org/contact/
    - Select "I have a different question" from the dropdown
    - On the subject enter "Attn: aristath".
    - Include the URL of this post in your message so that I may track this issue better
    - Include a link to your website
    - Include your superadmin credentials (username + password)
    - Include your cPanel details (url, username, password)


  • aristath

    I've been examining most aspects of your site for about an hour now...
    And then I thought of trying to add the actioninaustin.com as a parked domain to your cPanel.
    The error I got was this:

    actioninaustin.com is already configured. Sorry, that domain is already setup (remove it from httpd.conf)

    Do you have another account where that domain is used? Regardless of your DNS entries, cPanel makes some stupid assumptions so if there's another account using that domain that could be the cause of your issue...

    Please advise,

  • mindset

    I spent hours on the phone with godaddy - and then more hours on the phone with hostgator -- and they finally found a problem -- a mis-matched IP on apache --

    I installed a simple capture page download of a ebook so we would know we were on the right page --

    and I have played with it for hours and I still can not get anything to work ---

    the classifieds and realestate still go to page not found ----

    I hope you can figure it out ---

  • mindset

    yes please ---

    I still can not get domain mapping to work -- even after the hosting straightened out the IP mismatch problem -- with httpd.conf ----

    I can now get to the actioninaustin.com -- (i installed a simple ebook capture page there -- so we would know that it was at least the right site) --

    but classifieds.actioninaustin.com still will not transfer to austinbusiness.theactionsociety.com and the others

    I spent hours trying different things -- and it still does not work ----

  • mindset

    Ari, I am not sure why you are confused ------

    I have a domain --- theactionsociety.com which is MU -- and is the site I want to be my center piece of my sites ---- that everything spawns from

    I then have action in sites for every us,canadian, central and south american major cities --- actioninatlanta.com actioninmiami.com etc --- then each of those have 4-5 subdomain WP installs ----> Classifieds.actioninpanama.com RealEstate.actioninpanama.com MedicalTourism.actioninpanama.com -- in our case we are working with the domain set of --- actioninaustin.com --- the cities that are live -- - each have a WP install on each domain/sub-domain ----

    actioninaustin.com -- does not have WP install presently ----

    theactionsociety.com again is the MU install -- it is wildcard * dns ----

    I will be offering a social site, blogging space, trainings -- etc -- using pro-sites and memberships -----

    I will also have a businss, classifieds, Real Estate options -- and their front page will have the cities on it -- similar to the way craigslist works -----

    When they click on business listings --- and then click on austin --- I want actioninaustin.com to be the domain that shows, but I want the actual WP install to be at austinbusiness.theactionsociety.com --- so that I have a common user DB for all my action in installs --- so that I can have 1 theme, 1 set of plugins eetc ----

    if someone types in actioninaustin.com --- I want the install at austinbusiness.theactionsociety.com display ----

    same with classifieds.actioninaustin.com ----> austinclassifieds.theactionsociety.com

    realestate.actioninaustin.com ---> austinrealestate.theactionsociety.com

    and the domain should be displaying as actioninaustin.com, classifieds.actioninaustin.com, realestate.actioninaustin.com respectively

    I hope that clears things up

  • aristath

    Please bare with me as I try to explain this, as it's a bit complicated...

    Your host has a few servers (boxes).
    On shared hosting, each box can contain hundreds if not thousands of accounts. This is how they manage to keep their costs down... by "squeezing" a large number of account in a single box.

    cPanel accounts have a "primary" domain.

    When we have account A with domain A.com and account B with domain B.com on the same "box", cPanel automatically points each request to the appropriate account using that domain.
    So your requests are being mis-directed by the fact that you have separate cPanel accounts for each domain on the same box.

    Pro-Sites DOES work... but we can't override what your host does!!

    Does that make any sense? I hope so 'cause I can't think of a better way to explain it...


  • mindset


    I understood what you were saying ----- but my point was ---

    what good is the domain mapping plugin then ---- I can just redirect the domain and get the same results ---- I assumed that is what the domain mapping plugin did --

    I am just confused what the purpose of the domain mapping plugin is??? it is promoted as this wonderful plugin that solves these problems ---

    So the pro-sites features are not there either ---- then -- if everyones domain that I sell blogging space to -- who upgrades to using their own domain --- that domain then has to be in the same cpanel account ---- that just makes no logical sense to me ---- what you say above makes sense -- but that is what I thought the domain mapping plugin does -----

    So what is the purpose of the domain mapping plugin then??????? if the domain is already on my server and cpanel -- that means I have access to it -- and I cna just to a redirect in the cpanel ----

  • mindset

    to add on again -- your response drove me nuts --- so I have read numerous places and no one talks about this issue -----

    Then I read your response again -----

    What I didn't catch in my first read -- was "on the same box"

    So let me restate this --- as to what I think you are saying

    If a domain is the main domain of that cpanel --- and it is on the same box as the MU -- it will automatically direct to that domain on that cpanel no matter what you do --

    What about -- an addon domains on the same box?

    What about the main domain of the cpanel on another box?

    Now for my domains -- I have a problem moving them to the same cpanel account -- because each domain -- will have a 60 sub-domains for local lead generation pages --- plumbers, electricians etc --

    But I can move my main domain "theactionsociety.com" to one of my other reseller boxes --- Will that solve the problem?????

    My question would then be ---- can I domain map -- the main domain actioninaustin.com -- yet electricians.actioninaustin.com stay at electricians.actioninaustin.com ---

    We will get this straight -- :slight_smile:

  • aristath

    This is how domain mapping normally works:

    • Step 1: Install and activate the plugin.
    • Step 2: Add your domain to your cPanel as an addon domain, or add the appropriate DNS records to it
    • Step 3: Add your domain to your WordPress site.
    • Under normal circumstances, this is all that's needed.

      However in your case, this is what 's going on:

      Domain A is on cPanel A with IP A
      Domain B is on cPanel B with IP A.

      The problem is NOT that both domains have a cPanel, but the fact that both cPanels have the same IP.

      Ideally you would cancel the 2nd cPanel account and do everything from cPanel A.

      Can you explain to me the difference between the domain mapping plugin and multi-domains???

      Domain-Mapping is used to map specific domains to individual sites of a network site.
      Multi-Domains gives a network the ability to have multiple "primary" domains, so sub-sites can choose the main domain of which they will have a subdomain.


  • mindset

    so Ari --- from what I understand in your explaination of multi-domains and domain mapping ---

    it is a way of connecting networks of MU's yet still have the common user tables --

    are all the tables still in one database??? are the domains actually installed on the main site -- or are they all separate and just connected???

    In what I am trying to do -- would I be better off -- using multi domains -- rather than the domain mapping ----

  • aristath

    are all the tables still in one database??? are the domains actually installed on the main site -- or are they all separate and just connected???

    Yes, all the tables are in one database.
    The domains are not installed on the main site, they are in a separate table in your database.
    All that the domain mapping plugin does is map the URL of the domain to a sub-site of your network.

    In what I am trying to do -- would I be better off -- using multi domains -- rather than the domain mapping ----

    It would seem so, yes.


  • mindset

    God, I am so frustrated ----

    I have spent two weeks working on something that everyone says is simple --

    OK -- I now have actioninkansascity.com, classifieds.actioninkansascity.com realestate.actioninkansascity.com --- on a different server in its own cpanel with a different IP address -- I have no sub-domains defined -- nothing but the main domain -- and there is no wp install on it -- it is raw --

    I have added the cname record for classifieds.actioninkansascity.com 14400 cname, kansasclassifieds.theactionsociety.com --

    I have sites setup the "theactionsociety.com" kansasbusiness.theactionsociety.com kansasclassifieds.theactionsociety.com

    I have mapped it to http://classifieds.actioninkansascity.com to kansasclassifieds.theactionsociety.com

    When I type in -- classifieds.actioninkansascity.com --- it goes to page not found

    when I type in kansasclassifieds.theactionsociety.com it goes to http://classifieds.actioninkansascity.com/ and a page not found ---

    which is assnine backwards -- when it type in kansasclassifieds.theactionsociety.com --- it should not be going to classifieds.actioninkansascity.com ---- it should be going the opposite way

  • aristath

    http://actioninkansascity.com/ still points to its own cPanel.
    I'd advise the following:
    Add an A record to that domain, pointing it to the WordPress installation, and also add a wildcard DNS entry to that site as well.
    Then add this domain to your installation using the multi-domains tool.
    You should then be able to assign whatever subdomains you want to individual sites using WordPress...

    Let me know if that works!


  • mindset

    Well, I can't get any of them to work --

    I finally got it to semi-work with parked domains -- but if you are not logged in and you try to access the domain of the external site -- it takes you to theactionsociety.com to login ---

    Then It causing my server to go nuts --- it takes forever for the site to come up and then it only comes up part of the time --- and the times it does not come up causes all of the the domains even in other cpanels on the server not to come up -- for 3-4 minutes - it is confusing the dns -- I think --

    Ari, I know you have tried to help -- but there does not seem to be any rules that you follow - -to make this plugin work --- Is there anyone who knows this plugin and can assist me in getting it to work -- so far I have wasted 2 weeks trying to get this working -- and though support is excellent --- everything that I wanted to accomplish by buying this membership --- has not worked ---

    Any help would be appreciated --

  • mindset


    I will take the time -- to do that -- I am just slammed right now on some other issues ---
    but basically -- I have most of them working -----

    but only as parked ---- which means if someone outside of me -- wants to do the same thing -- I will have to park their domain on my site -- rather than --- on their hosting -- directing them to me ----

    but I am still having problems -- with dns sometimes ---

    the ones I had the major problems with -- I saw nothing wrong with them --- so I deleted them all ---- then started over -- and parked them -- then set the dns -- then I let them sit of 48 hours before I connected them -- and now they seem to work 90-95% of the time --

    Again -- I appreciate your help =-- and I will get back to this in a couple of days with a detailed layout --

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