Having problems with Membership access levels

We have permissions set up in Membership programs. There are positive rules set up for the menu system but, when you click on Members on the site, you are redirected to the Protected content page. Can't seem to get this working. There is support access granted.

  • Patrick

    Hey there @Tyson

    I hope you're well today!

    I just logged into your site and checked things out for you.

    It turns out the issue was in the menu items you had added to your custom menu under Appearance > Menus.

    Using custom links for the Account pages, you had forgotten to include the www in the URL. The result is that Membership recognizes those incorrect URLs as being unauthorized, and redirects to the protected content page.

    I've added the www to the URls, so it should work as you want now.

    To prevent this in the future though, you may want to simply add pages to your menu by selecting them in the "Pages" metabox on the left, rather than using custom links.

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