Having problems with Registration page. Using Studio Child, wp3.2.1, membership 2.1 beta 2

I know membership registration trumps wordpress registration, but I am having trouble getting my registration page to appear at all - When clicking on register, it doesn't take me to the registration form, it takes me to my home page. The url is tutuology dot com. Click on "get started". Down at the bottom is a "register!" button. It is not working.

The registration page is really basic:
<h5>Thank you for your interest in a Tutuology Membership. It's a wonderful community to be a part of and an invaluable business resource to have tucked under your belt! Please register now in order to proceed.</h5>

I'll bet this is a no-brainer, but I can't figure it out.

  • DavidM
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    Hi tutuology!

    I just noticed your further email on this and I'll take a look with you on this matter through email as there's something very odd amiss with this one. The page is redirecting to the About page for some reason.

    We'll get that sorted via email and I'll post back here on it.


  • DavidM
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    Whew, this one had me confused for a bit! BuddyPress reservers the "register" slug for its own use, so in this case, your "Register" page was redirecting the home page because of the slug conflict.

    What I've done for the moment is altered the name of your registration page to "Signup". You can change it to any name other the "Register", it's just a BuddyPress thing that the slug can't be used.

    Hopefully that will work to your satisfaction.


  • tutuology
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    Phew David! I am sooo glad that's fixed. Now, just 2 more questions:
    My signup page styling I believe is a bit off. This happened once before. Please see screenshot as I am not sure how to fix this.

    Also, for new registrations applying for a Business Membership, the following error appears and does not allow for the subscription to go through:

    Invalid second trial period. You must specify valid values for the A2, P2, and T2 parameters for a subscription.

    errrrrrg! I am clueless. Have not yet tried the free subscription button. But as an fyi, I have created new buttons and have the code, but do not know how to implement them. Any advice on this?

  • Jonathan
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    @Jonathon- I just want to say thanks for all of your help and support! You have really helped to pull me through and it means a lot!

    You are most welcome. I've been following along, checking in now and then. I see you are onto email support. So I'm sure this will get sorted :wink:

    And your two issues (gateways and css) not my strongest side - lol.

    I've seen that gateway error before here on the forums: No where was that topic?
    I can't remember what you said your payment plan was?
    But If I remember that error had to do with your duration of membership and missing values...

    And the wonky looking subscription form is a css issue. Will have a look. But I'm not the greatest at knowing the right fix first time round. I have to trail and error my way through css - lol.

    Edit: you want to edit this, or create it

    .register-section {
    clear: both;

    The above is off the top of my head - @masonjames is a wizz with css. So he will know better.

    And the link: gateway issue

  • DavidM
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    Hi tutuology,

    Not sure why that page would display for you. I just went through the process and am able to get to the pay screen as illustrated here.

    @Jonathan, thanks for mentioning the css fix, you got to it right as I was about to respond to that! And glad that /register/ blog slug issue may help you out as well, it's such a simple thing that's easy to miss.


  • Jonathan
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    Sorry to respond so late :slight_frown: I have actually been away for a week...

    @Jonathon -Brilliant! I hope support throws out a million points for you. You deserve them :slight_smile:

    Lol - thank you for the complement :wink:

    @Jonathon- sorry :slight_frown: What css file?

    The best would be your child themes style.css file ( I think gina was walking you thru that???) But the css fix would probably be best to go in there.

    Anyways, sorry for late reply and hope your site has been resolved in the last week...

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