Having problems with themes compatibility

I'm kind of frustrated right now. I'm looking for a theme that is 3 columns and is compatible with the new WordPress menuing and has customizable header. . Am I just going blind? I'm using the New Blog Template to clone my main site which is fully compatible with the new menuing in WP 3.0 I've download most of them and have spent hours looking at them but it seems they don't natively support the new menu system?

I cloning the main site and all I need are 2 maybe 3 that are 3 column support it. My problems is that many of the pages the site will be page protected and I really need a 3 column theme. It doesn't have to be highly customiize but just need a couple of optons. Suggestions anyone?

BTW, I would use my main theme but I can seem to change the headers for the different sites so it really isn't an option. I even tried Artisteer which used to work but this lastest has so many widgets it doesn't clone properly.

Maybe I just need to get some sleep??

  • Mason

    Hiya Sleenie,

    I hear your frustration and agree that finding themes that support the new nav features can be tricky to find. The older themes themselves aren't broken - just not using the latest and greatest features available (which truly are great).

    Most of our newer themes that have the nav menus have highly-specific front pages: Product and Studio are both themes that have 3 areas on the front page, but they're not your typical blog column-styled layouts.

    Anybody else have some ideas?


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