Having service selection pre selected in Appointments+

Hi All,

I've been using Appointments+ and have it integrated with Marketpress. There's some thoughts I'd like some advice on!

I know Appointments+ can put an "Appointment" product in my product page but want something slightly different.

I'd like my services to be shown individually so users can see all the services provided with short description and image for each service. When they click "buy" it takes them through to the booking page and pre-selects the service and availability to make the booking process easier. The "appointment" product shows in my shop and looks odd when I have all the services listed separately.

I have this working with a custom product page where when a client clicks on a "Book Appointment" button it links to something like below

http://mysite.com/store/products/service3/?app_service_id=3 etc

I set up each service as a product still just rather than link to the catch all "appointment" product so I get nice individual service icons in the product cart.

The downside of this method as far as I can tell is I can't give (it might be possible?) users the option of sorting most popular service on my custom product page. Even though I know which ones are! It's not a major downside for me personally but might be for others

The solution I think would be to have the shortcode in Appointments+ be slightly more flexible. If the [APP_SERVICES] could be altered to take [APP_SERVICES serviceid=1] etc then in theory you could code a service page to auto load the pre selected booking page direct from my main product page and I wouldn't need my custom page. It might be useful for others. I know this is a feature request but wanted to check my understanding first and I was understanding the set up correctly!

I hope that makes sense!

Any thoughts most welcome