Having SSL3 Handshake errors, when using WPMU Dev Plugin

Hey Oh' support,

I have an unusual problem that I've narrowed down to being possibly my hosting company. Not even 80% on this, but here goes.

I have a hosting account with a reasonably large hosting reseller (powweb). I host multiple wordpress websites, many are individual wordpress installations and one MultiPress, all hosted in one account. Only a few have I added the WPMU Dev plug-in to, to extend what my client's sites can do. (Thank you WPMU DEV community)

When I originally added WPMU Dev to these sites, back in August, I had no problems with installing and signing into my WPMU account within each WP Dashboard pages. The sites I have problems logging into my WPMU Dev plugin show the last time they updated the payment info was back in October. Which is when I started noticing this current problem.

My primary domain (blog.snxconsulting.com) with my hosting account has a SSL (RapidSSL) certificate, while the other domains (ie: allstarhealthcaresa.com, sacredhealingtree.com, buytigertooth.com) have problems signing into my WPMU Dev account from the dashboards. These sites show the last time a monthly payment was made would show October as the lastest date. My Primary site, shows this Month.

I have reset my API key twice from the WPMU Dev account, I've deleted the plugin from the non-working sites, and reinstalled the WPMU Dev. But no luck in being able to sign in my WPMU Dev plugin..

I keep getting this error;

Your server had a problem connecting to WPMU DEV: "error:14094410:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert handshake failure" Please try again.
If this problem continues, please contact your host and ask:
"Is php on my server properly configured to be able to contact https://premium.wpmudev.org/wdp-un.php with a GET HTTP request via fsockopen or CURL?"

I contacted my hosting (powweb), and initially they said nothing wrong on their end. Since my primary domain snxconsulting.com is not having problems, I have one theory, which is for some of the domains with WPMU Dev installed, I edited the WP-Config file to allow for other specific admin users access to the WPMU Dev Dashboard. could this be a causing this issue?

I'll try commenting out the WP Config setting "define('WPMUDEV_LIMIT_TO_USER','1'...)" and see if this can fix my issue. It is the only thing that I can think of that is different from my primary domain, and the other domain wp installations.

I just don't see how this would be a cause of the SSL3 handshake issue.