having subsite address issues with pro site and multisite

Hello, I have a multisite and am using the pro site plugin and marketpress. On the page where my pro site members are listed using the shortcode to display pro members, some of my sub store addresses are linking to a white screen with the error " can't modify header address....etc" However, when I check the links from the products of that particular store, I get to the store correctly. The only difference I see is the address has a / at the end when it is successfully linking from a product in marketpress but then with the pro-sites plugin, the address does not have the / at the end of the store address.
For example: when I go to this store address via a marketpress link https://ecraftandshare.com/4evermickey/ I get to the store successfully but when I go to this address via the pro site shortcode link, the address looks like this:
https://ecraftandshare.com/4evermickey and I get the error. no slash at the end

Finally, some of the pro sites member links from the shortcode are working correctly coming back with the / at the end and some are not. Here's the page for you to check out the links yourself.

I have checked the permalinks settings and all the stores have the radio button post name checked.