Having to choose between submitting Q/A or subscribing to thread

Hi guys,

For logged in users, a subscription link is shown below the submit button: "Click here to be notified of followup answers via e-mail"

If someone has written out a question or reply in the text box and they choose to click the link to subscribe to the question thread, their input is not submitted - it is lost because the page reloads. All user input from the box is lost.

In real life, this is a huge annoyance for anyone who takes the time to type out a question or answer and loses it because the page abruptly reloads.

Most users will not realize that clicking the thread subscription link will cause them to lose their input.

Visitors on my website are already complaining about this. :slight_frown: Understandably.

Could this link be converted to a checkbox that people can check and then click submit?

That will ensure people's input is recorded and at the same time they are subscribed to the thread.

I hope you guys can do something about this. Thank you so much!!