Having trouble using shortcodes to limit access - perhaps conceptual issue.

Good morning! I am planning on implementing a membership site and am having trouble figuring things out.

Although this probably makes things a little more complicated, I wanted to use shortcodes to accomplish my membership site. I'd like visitors to make it to most pages, and simply either see the content, or see the "protected content" info on that particular page.

So, what I guess I don't understand is that right now the "Visitor" users can see everything, but there are no rules set up for this level at all. So, generally this would be considered what I want, except that if I use a shortcode that should only be seen by a specific membership level, the Visitor continues to see this text as well (but not the shortcode markers, so the shortcode is being recognized obviously).

So, given this model, how should I set up the restrictions? To reiterate:

I currently have two membership levels active - Members and Visitors

Visitors should see everything unless it's specifically marked as for Members via shortcode.