Having trouble with Directory plugin.

I installed the plugin, which went fine. I then configured the plugin, which I thought went fine.

Then I entered a listing and went to view it and saw that it wasn't displaying as part of my website theme. It was missing all of the normal parts of the layout, i.e., the navigation bar, the header section, etc.

So, I went into the "Listings" page and tried changing the Page Attributes and tried selecting a different "Template" and I saw things seemed to change, but still it wasn't displaying the header and navigation, etc.

I also tried changing the "Custom Layout" option which didn't have any effect.

So, I then went back to the "Page Attributes" section and tried changing the "Parent" to Home, etc.

After doing this, it seems to have created a problem that I can't get away from.

Now, when I try to go to http://www.whatshouldibe.me/listings/ it says "This webpage has a redirect loop" and the URL says "http://www.whatshouldibe.me/home/listings/".

So, even if I try republishing the "Listings" page and setting the parent page attribute back to "default" it doesn't seem to let me get it working again.

So, I need help in figuring out why and how to get it back.

PS: I already tried removing the plugin and reinstalling it, but that didn't fix the problem.

I just want the "Listings" to appear within my website template / layout options that are available.

I'm currently using Builder (and one of their child themes) from iThemes.com.

Can you help?