Having trouble with "Directory" plugin.

I am having some trouble. Here are my issues:

1. I was wondering if it is possible to display only the Parent categories when displaying the list of categories. I am wanting to be able to click on a parent and then link them to another page of CHILD categories.

2. I made a test listing and whenever I try to view the ad, "front end", it comes up with a "NOT FOUND" page with a search box with the listing title in the search box. When I click on the search button, it then transfers me to a page where it shows the listing, but when I click on the listing, it sends me back to the "NOT FOUND" page. Is there any way of fixing this?

3. Is it possible to arrange the "category list" in a different way instead of just one long vertical list? It makes the page huge and it causes alot of space that could be used to not be used.

Thanks for anyones help.