Having trouble with Events+ plugin


1.) Our Events+ entries look strange on the listing page. Each line of text is squished against the next one.

2.) How can I have a full calendar view on one page? I created a page called 'calendar,' but we keep getting 404 errors.

3.) Shortcodes for the calendar mentioned above don't seem to be working either.

Our website is: http://www.AGoodGoodbye.com

Thanks in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

  • Alexander

    Hi @Gail Rubin,

    1. The event listing actually inherits from your theme. For example, if you go to your blog listings: http://agoodgoodbye.com/the-family-plot-blog/ you will see a similar style as the events listing page: http://agoodgoodbye.com/upcoming-events/

    2 & 3 The calendar view be done with a shortcode, but you've mentioned the shortcodes aren't working for you. Let's see if we can get the shortcode working, and we'll solve this too.

    As for the page 404, it might have a different url. If you go to "Pages -> All pages" in your dashboard, and hover over that page, you should see a view link. Click this to be taken to the page at it's true URL. You can change the slug by editing that page.

    If that still 404s, try rebuilding your site's permalinks. This can be done by going to "Settings -> Permalinks" and simply clicking save.

    Let me know what you find out here.
    Best regards,

  • Gail Rubin

    Hi Alexander ~

    I tried just now to rebuild the permalinks... unfortunately, it didn't make a difference. This is the page that's supposed to have the calendar on it:

    Actually, now that I look... the other two drop-down nave menu items from "Events" are ALSO not showing up.


    I've double-checked the URLs and all three are correct.

    - - - -

    Regarding the formatting issue on the "Events" page. I'm fine with it for the most part -- what looks really strange is the teaser text (the 2 lines of text below the headline). Everything is squished. My blog template isn't like that. It also doesn't contain a "read more" link, like my blog template.

    Advice appreciated!

    By the way -- I'm Cynthia, Gail's web developer. Is it possible to cc my email address on these communications? It'll save her from having to forward your message to me each time. Thanks in advance... my address is cynthia@theButterflyHerder.com

  • Alexander

    Hi there @Gail Rubin,

    I've just looked again at this page: http://agoodgoodbye.com/upcoming-events/calendar/

    Looks like your shortcode is working now, so that's a plus!

    As for the events from the menu not showing up, the problem here is that you have pages created, but not events. You have created Wordpress pages with those names and added them to the navigation so they show up fine and will display the information given in that page.

    Take a look at this page: http://agoodgoodbye.com/events/

    The events listed there have been created within the Events+ plugin. If it's not shown there, it's likely that you've created it as a page, in which case it's not going to show on the calendar and doesn't have a date associated with it.

    You'll need to go through and delete all the events created as pages, and add them again under Events in your dashboard.

    I'm sorry as the accounts are meant to be used by one person, the emails are only sent the the email address on the account. We don't have a way to CC in other recipients. You could change the email address on the account, or perhaps setup another address that forwards to multiple accounts for you.

    Best regards,