Having trouble with Membership (pro)... "protected content" not displaying, and issues wit

Hi guys, Membership is sending me in circles!

Some sections of the site work brilliantly, and others are just driving me bananas. I have read through the full setup file and all of the forums on this plugin. Tried all of the suggestions I found (that weren't outdated by new versions of the plugin), but now am pleading for help from you good folks...

1) Protected content page/message does not display. I've seen this issue come up repeatedly in the forums, usually with no solution.
On my site when I test trying to view protected content, sometimes it shows nothing, and sometimes a 404.
So I tried a number of things that didn't work, even creating a custom 404 page. Now when I test the site and try to view content that "user" doesn't have access to, I get nothing instead of a message or the 404. (I only get the 404 when I use a wrong URL.)

2) My site needs to employ levels that can be combined and are not necessarily tiered (i.e. someone can have access to levels a, b, c, and/or d. They could have ab, ac, ad, abc, acd, bc, abcd, and so on), and this has made it hard to define their rules.
Add to that the fact we'll be importing members who need access at varying lengths of time depending on how much longer they have of their current memberships and I've got a logistical nightmare.
(And his may sound dumb, but I cannot tell if you HAVE to have a subscription or if can just do levels.)

The site is: http://www.3keyelements.com/3KEtv, and as a visitor you should be able to see the home page, log in/log out, and that's it. (I've hidden the menu from strangers.)

Not sure what all you need to see with screen shots, but here are the access levels, and rules for one of the levels that seems to work.

  • Kimberly


    Hello and Welcome to the WPMUDEV Community!

    Things can get a bit crazy when testing a membership setup, cookies, admin, subscriptions, etc. all play a part.

    The first thing to remember is that if you are logged in as an admin, nomatter what you are looking at, you will always be able to see the content.

    Secondly, when creating Access and Subscription Levels, no one rule automatically creates another rule for any other subscription. They are all independent of each other. So while it may be a bit confusing to keep track of who has access to what, it will not be hard for the plugin to keep straight once you have it all. Each subscription and the rules for that subscription are unique to that subscription.

    Membership does allow you to manually subscribe an access level to a member. Just check out the All Members panel. :slight_smile: You need to mouse around underneath Membership Level column and just click Add.

    I did visit the site, but as you say you have hidden all the items from view. There is also no registration link, and when I try to visit wp-signup it tells me you have registration disabled.

    Unfortunately I cannot see the behavior you are talking about so I am hard pressed to offer you any answers on if your settings are working or not. Could you perhaps create a test account and assign me to a level that you think has broken access restrictions? Given a list of what I should or should not be able to access as well maybe?

    Thank You!


  • ktwebdev

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for your response and sorry for the delay, I've been trying all sorts of different settings to see what works and I'm still stymied.

    I have been testing the site in a separate browser (work in IE, test in Firefox for the various levels), so it doesn't recognize me as an admin and I am able to tell that some levels are working correctly.

    Secondly, when creating Access and Subscription Levels, no one rule automatically creates another rule for any other subscription. They are all independent of each other.

    I was thinking that's the way they should work, but was concerned that I have some overlapping rules that might cause conflict. The memberships I want to use equate to A, A1, B, B2, AB, A1B, AB2, A1B2, will the A's and B's conflict?

    And do you think I would be better off using negative or positive rules to prevent conflicts?

    At this point we're actually doing 2 separate sites (A & A1) (B & B2) so there's minimal potential for conflct/overlap, but eventually we want them all to "play together" but only be able to access the right levels.

    One thing I'm still not certain of is how to correctly implement the subscriptions - since they will all start out with manually added levels, can they just have that and no set subscription?

    If I were to provide access can you help me get this working correctly?

    Thanks in advance for your continued assistance.


  • aecnu

    Greetings Kristen,

    We have not heard back from you as to the status of this issue.

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    This action will also bring your ticket up front back in plain view again within the ticket system.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

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