Having Trouble with Membership


I have set up a membership and created pages that are supposed to be members only but have discovered some weirdness and do not know how best to proceed…

As a visitor (not logged in) I have complete access to all of the protected pages.

Logged in as a member who should have access – I can “see” the pages I created for members about a month ago, but as far as two new pages created yesterday – not visible and even weirder, one the existing pages that I added some content to yesterday, shows to the member an earlier revision (sans new content) – yet the visitor who should not see any of this gets the updated page.

I am not sure what to do – I hesitate to upgrade to 3.4.4 because my understanding was that coupons were not fully implemented – and I send out a campaign today prior to discovering the issue that is totally dependent upon the coupons being available.

I ran verify database and it returns all OK.

What to do?