Having trouble with multisite sign up on one site is sending all users to a different site


We have a multisite with three sites – caregivermentors.com, careexperts.co and activityexperts.com

Caregivermentors.com is registered at GoDaddy and hosted at MDD.

For the other two domains, careexperts.co and activityexperts.com, we did the following:

Domains are registered at GoDaddy. Added A record at GoDaddy to point to dedicated IP at MDD Hosting.

On MDD Hosting, we added these two domains as PARKED domains.

On MDD Hosting, we then add A records for each domain that point to the IP at MDD as follows:

For careexperts.co, added *.careexperts.co A record

For activityexperts.com, added *.activityexperts.com A record

The problem is that when someone signs up to login to activityexperts.co – they are redirected to caregivermentors.com

Please help

we want each site to have their very own sign up etc