Having trouble with pro site login

I have mulitsite, buddypress and pro site on the studio theme. I am setting up my main site, which will have all of the membership details on it. I have 3 paid levels, no free level.

I have configured everything according to how I think it should be. I have used the feature in studio that allows me to have a call to action button - found in the "branding" section and in the "header" section. I have labeled the call to action as "Get Started Now" in both areas and have linked it to the page that has the subscription levels/paypal button(joining page).

Now, I am on the outside as a visitor. I click on either the "Get Started Now" call to action at the header or the one at the bottom of the page and they both take me to a page asking for a username and password.

1. Why didn't the buttons take me to the membership page? That is the link that I assigned to each of those buttons.

2. I try to enter a username and password anyway and get taken to the standard default login with a message saying I am not logged in.

3. So, I login from the buddypress community login on that theme, and immediately get taken to the membership page that I had wanted to go to all along.

Trouble shooting:
a. first of all I deactivated each button link independently to see if there is conflict. No - same result

Thanks for your help! Linda