Header & Footer Options Not Working


I am using Front End Publishing Pro and the Fable theme from Quantica Labs on this site. If I go to Front End Publishing Pro on the front end and create a news item (post) as in screenshot one and then go to view the item in screenshot 3 you will see that there is no header, no footer, and no footer widgets

In the theme options the default options from screenshots 4 and 5 show that these options are enabled by default

If I then go to the post I have just created in the admin area screenshot 6 you will see that the settings are set to use the default settings yet they haven't so far displayed.

If I make no changes and just click update then it displays as it should as per screenshot 7 which I will post below.

Clearly FrontEnd Publishing pro is not taking into account the additional theme options here when using it. In the admin under Front End Publishing Pro -> Forms you will see an option to edit the 'News' version. You can add customer fields to the options but no ability to add the theme options that display in the admin area when creating a post.

Is there any solution that you feel could work for me?

Support is enabled as always. Feel free to create some test items etc as the site is in maintenance mode currently. Screenshot 7 to follow.