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Hi everyone,

i've got the daily theme installed on my site. i have an issue with the header image not being fully displayed. the menu bar immediately below it is up too high. i can't find a way to turn off
the menu, nor can I move it. as stated in the theme options "Images of exactly 970 × 80 pixels will be used as-is"... which it is, exactly.

noticing the size of the space available, i resized my image to 970 x 60 (not 80 high) and uploaded. the theme then made me crop the image so i've got the same image i had before i resized it (it's cut off by 20 pixels at the bottom).

any ideas?


  • DesignIt
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    You might be able to manipulate the menu in the css as far as height and width. Before that though,
    working in the gallery theme, I had to make the logo much smaller so I could see it. I think I resized it 3 times then the cropper fit correctly and I cropped it. Maybe that helps

  • Jason
    • Flash Drive

    thanks for the responses, Eric and Tammie.

    the theme says to use 970x80 for the header image, i'm sure you'll see the problem when you check out the site: yeselcampo.com

    the image that's there now is one that i resized to fit 970x60 but the theme had me crop the image to the original 970x80 dimensions, so the image is really pixelated now. i'm leaving the cropped image in place so you can see it. (i resized the image to 970x60 hoping to have the image visible above the menu, it was a quick fix that i thought would be easier)

    thanks for looking into it!

  • Eric G.
    • The Crimson Coder

    It looks like you can just change the padding in your div id 'header' to 20px and it should fit. You will also want add a no repeat to it.

    This can be found on line 132 of the layout.css page.

    You could just adjust the padding to the size of your image.

  • Jason
    • Flash Drive

    Hey Eric,

    Thanks so much, that was what i needed! i had to play with the padding a bit, but it worked.

    can i bug you for one other quick thing? i need to add html code for the image to be clickable in certain areas. i see the theme automatically adds the home page as the link for the header, would you know where to change it?

    i really appreciate your help. :slight_smile:


  • Eric G.
    • The Crimson Coder


    Go to the header.php file and look for the div tag <div id="logo">. There is a link set up there. Typically it includes the php for the site url. If you want to change it, just remove the php and put your own link in there. The Wordpress Codex has tons of options if you are looking for more PHP options that are simple links.

    Appreciate any points you can award me for the help. Working on my free membership!

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