Header image for e-Newsletter not responsive in tests

Hi gang.

I'm just testing out and playing around with the e-Newsletter plugin.
I started to build a sample newsletter, choosing the iLetter template that says it's responsive.
I picked an image for the header that was 800 pixels wide, and in the customizer preview it was acting responsive when re-sizing the browser window. But when I sent myself a preview of the newsletter and received it, the header image was definitely NOT responsive (at least within my Mac Mail client), and I had to scroll sideways to see all the contents of the e-mail.

I tested with a smaller image, and it fit within the e-mail (and the other non-header images within were responsive) -- but then the smaller header image itself wasn't full-width as I would have liked. I was hoping the template was truly responsive and I could just use any image for the header any not have to worry about the width or whether it fit properly or not.

So is it actually NOT a fully responsive template like it states, or am I doing something wrong, or is there another issue going on?

I've granted access to my test site, and the sample newsletter has the original larger header image I was using attached. Feel free to send yourself a test preview of it to see what I mean... (Please don't actually send newsletter to users!)


  • Anton

    Hey @Jude -

    That's actually NOT the full header image showing in your screenshot example. The figure on the right has been cut in half. It's almost all the image, but not quite. Had I only been testing using your method, I may not have noticed it myself -- as the original image is only slightly wider than the normal space given in a typical e-mail browser. But viewing it in my Apple Mac Mail client, the image gets shifted over a bit -- which is why I realized something was wrong.

    To further emphasize my point of non-responsiveness, I changed the image for an even WIDER one (1600 pixels). I've attached a few examples of how this looks in various e-mail clients.

    1). Apple e-mail address to Mac Mail client -- With an even wider pic, the image gets pushed even further than before. See next attachment for FULL image.
    2). Apple e-mail address to iPhone mail client -- This view was the ONLY one that actually fit the image in its entirety! Hurrah! But wait...now all the other images below it appear super tiny. Argh!!
    3). Gmail address to Gmail web client viewed on Safari -- This time the image isn't pushed, but it's cut off. And not even scrolling to the side lets you view the rest of the image. It's just cut off. I scrolled down to the bottom of the image so you could also see that the first image of the content area (which does show in the iPhone and Mac Mail view) doesn't even appear here.

    So, as you can see....none of the examples are really working. Yes, I'm using an overly large image to make my example (it took forever to load on my phone), but the point is I was hoping the template really WAS responsive -- and that it wouldn't matter what size my original photo was. It should just resize to 100% of the e-mail's width, no?

  • Jude

    Hi again @Anton

    Thanks for that super detailed explanation.

    but the point is I was hoping the template really WAS responsive -- and that it wouldn't matter what size my original photo was. It should just resize to 100% of the e-mail's width, no?

    Yes this is correct. I am going to ask the developer his opinion on this to see if the behaviour could be a bug or intended (very unlikely).

    Lets see what he says in his response.


    PS. The response may take a while longer than mine as they're usually really busy.

  • Anton

    OK, thanks @Jude!

    I'm hoping it's just a weird bug too that can be fixed. I don't want to have to worry that any newsletter I send isn't showing properly in some clients, or worse...to have to test in tons of clients before sending stuff out....

    One thing I noticed, which I don't know if it means anything or not:
    When the header image is too large, and pushes the content of the e-mail to the side in the Apple Mail client, none of the images within the entire e-mail are responsive.
    But when I use a smaller image (that's not as wide as the e-mail client), then the other images below the header ARE responsive (at first) -- but only up until the point that they meet the width of the header image...and then they STOP being responsive after that.