Header Image/Logo disappeared in the Front End? - Recent Upfront Update

Greetings again,

Ran into another problem again tonight. No idea what happened. The only thing I can pinpoint was the recent update to Upfront that I made. Other than that, the only other changes that were made was a product inventory update through Marketpress.

After loading one of the pages at tamanasprings.com I noticed that the header image/logo wasn't loading, nor on any of the pages. The image element has some custom CSS code enabling it to extend over the header region, would this have any conflict with the recent upfront update?

You can how the image looked before the issue on a live page in screenshot 1.

Screenshot 2 shows that the element and image still displays in the Upfront Editor.

Screenshot 3 shows how the pages look now without the image/logo displaying. I do see a glimpse of the image as the page loads initially but quickly disappears.

Not sure what happened here. Hope you guys can help on this one!

Much Love,
Ciro Bey