Header Logo, Page Template Blogs & News


currently I'm on fine-tune my website, using the BP Daily. Two questions:

1. How can I place the logo in the header in the middle? Currently it puts at the top. And is it also possible to make the distance to the top and to the bottom bigger? (so that the whole header space is becoming bigger too).

2. Although the front-page features of Daily theme is very beautiful and innovative, but for my current purpose it does not fit a lot, the blogs entries in my website using a lot of slideshare and vector graphics. I want to have the normal blogs entries just like the normal WP blog. Therefor I put a page called "Weblog" using the blogs & News template as the frontpage. The problem here:
- it listed only 5 => how can I change to 10
- It just give a short summary => how can I make a full text (longer one)

thanks a lot,