Hear Ye Hear Ye! We have a new Lifetime Member! Welcome MAXAUD!

Please give a round to Dustin Dempsey, our newest Lifetime Member

I’m sure he won’t need much introduction to most of you, as he is EVERYWHERE! Being super helpful and fixing up folks with code snippets at every turn.

Like a Dev Ninja!

Dustin, you are truly an asset to our community here and can be counted among the list of truly helpful and knowledgeable folks here. And an equally important feat is making it this far with over 650 gifted points!

I do see your profile history however and see you have friends in high places :wink:

I’m now going to reveal that you are indeed related to Mr. McDreamy (for all you Grey’s fans) Patrick Dempsy and then stand back while all the girls come running for your autograph!

:slight_smile: Cheers and Congratulations!