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I am trying to add a “Customized” YAHOO MESSENGER status button on my website. The problem is, I would like to customize my images used to show my online/offline status. I have found a few helpful links that partially got me what I wanted.


I followed the instructions here, but unsure how I would get it to show up on the website. How do I get YAHOO to use my images instead of the ones hosted by “opi.yahoo.com?

link 2#

But the directions were not for WordPress websites. Are the instructions here similar to what I need to do on WordPress? And if so, where would this php file be placed?

If someone could help me out with this it would be great I have been troubled with this for weeks.

Love, Peace and Hairgrease


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    There is no reason why this wouldn’t work as a WordPress shortcode or widget. Do you have much experience at all with PHP or is it all Greek to you? (I’m trying to decide if I should send you web links).

    Assuming the code is valid, It would probably take 10min of a professional’s time to turn it into a widget/shortcode/plugin but it would be an excellent learning experience as well, if you were so inclined.

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