Hello I am looking for someone

Hello - I am looking for someone who is able to modify the two plugins, course press and membership to do the following:

- allow multiple user membership to be purchased at the same time, each given their own unique login details. i.e the user can select 10 memberships and then checkout. An email is sent with the 10 userID's and passwords/login info for the 10 members.

- each unit/module areas need to be completed before going to the next page. (although part of the same module/unit). Currently it allows for units to be completed before moving forward but I need a 'force completion' for specific content within each module/unit.
- modules/units can be selected at random, not sequential i.e the user may choose to work on module/unit 1, 7 and 10 on day 1. 3, 5 and 27 on day 2 etc.
- a completed 'tick' or similar shown for successfully completed modules and an indication of modules still needing to be completed.
- a text area for users to write notes which have to be 'not empty' to continue in some areas.

If you could please send time required and price. Thank you.