Hello, I just updated my SimpleMarket theme, and somehow, the Bold function only displays properly


I just updated my SimpleMarket theme, and somehow, the Bold function only displays properly in my editor. However, site-wide, in both Live and Preview, no bold formatting appears on my entire website. Any ideas? Thank you!

  • Sean

    Hello Vaughan,

    Thank you for the quick reply. In looking at my site in Firefox and Safari, the bold shows up prominently. However, what I realized is that the bold setting is realized in Chrome Version 34.0.1847.116 ever so subtly. When I submitted the support request, I actually thought there was no bold showing whatsoever. I am not sure if this same situation occurs when you view the site with the latest version of Chrome, as opposed to viewing it in Firefox or Safari? The difference is prominent on my end.

    On another note, since you have access to the site, can you take a look at the Google Maps plugin for me? I was unable to get this working, and had to resort to Google Map Professional, e.g. http://www.chiangmaiscootertours.com/tours/samoeng-loop/ and click on the bottom Google Maps 'More Information'. It would be nice to use the native WMPU Google Maps, so that I can realize all the functionality between Appointments + and SimpleMarket.

    I also see your most recent update of MarketPress resolved the light 'Empty Cart' button issue with the darker text. I could barely see it before with the white SimpleMarket Theme background. May I suggest you do the same with the 'Empty Cart' and 'Checkout' button in the Shopping Cart? (screenshot image attached to demonstrate same issue)

    I am enjoying working with your plugins thus far. The only other concern I have is the name of appointments, and how this name only ultimately appears in PayPal as the product name with an ID number. I did enjoy using the Add-On to have the appointment appear in the cart as named in Appointments +, however, this does not carry over to PayPal checkout, so I am forced to give the 'Product' created in MarketPress from Appointments + a generic name, so that all variations of Appointments can be used and not be deceptive in PayPal.

    That's it for now!

    Thank you,


  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Sean,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for the additional information.

    You can use the following css for the button issue and just change the color codes as needed :slight_smile:

    .mp_cart_actions_widget a, .mp_cart_actions_widget a:link, .mp_cart_actions_widget a:visited {
        background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #000000 !important;
        color: #FFFFFF;
        font-weight: bold;
        padding: 0.5em;
        text-decoration: none;


    Kind Regards

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