hello, is there a way to view the signup codes by users [filter] after they register

we want to use signup codes with membership and we would like to view which users, used which signup codes? Is there a simple way to add the signup code column field to the admin panel when viewing admin.php?page=membershipmembers

  • Alexander
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    Hi @steve_tempini,

    It's possible, but would require a good bit of custom coding. First you'd need to setup a hook to record a particular code to that user's profile. Then you'd need to add the column to the users table. And finally, if you wanted to search by that code, you'd need to setup some filtering for that as well.

    It's a bit outside the scope of what we can offer with our support. Feel free to post a listing on the job boards.

    Or if you're up for coding it yourself, let me know and I can point you in the right direction for a few of the steps.

    Best regards,

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