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Would like to setup membership plugin on my buddypress classified site which is primarily a community for retailers but would want the visitors/users to the site to be able to interact with the retailers in forums, groups etc. They will however not be able to post adverts, create profile pages etc.

So we will initially have two types of membership 1. Retailer 2. Visitior

1. The retailer will have access to the full set of buddypress tools including profiles, creating blogs, using marketpress and so on...we will eventually sub-divide this to provide more features like marketpress sites, blogs. They will also have access to the classified post advert environment (Please note we are not using the wpmudev classified plugin).

2. The visitor will be able to comment in forums and join groups to interact with retailer but will not have access to other tools. We would like to exclude them from quite a few other pages.

We have installed ultimate facebook as an option to registration.

Is the membership plugin overkill here?

Looking forward to your comments, suggestions, advise, help and instructions.


  • techbroker
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    Thanks Phil.

    I take it there is no way round that. To assign users to a particular membership group on registration even if they use facebook to register.

    What if we did not use membership for new registration but manually assigned membership to our sellers after they have registered regardless of method of registration. Is this possible?

    E.g. user registers then applies for membership as a seller after registration (we send an automessage or they fill out a special form). We then manually allocate membership status to them. All other users will be restricted including those that registered with facebook.

    Note we will not have online payment for membership.

    Does this work?

  • techbroker
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    Thanks Phil.

    As membership will be free is it possible for users to select which type of membership they would like e.g. shoppers or sellers? If so how do I set this up so it is done on the registration page for buddypress.

    I know I am extending this a bit.

  • techbroker
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    Thanks Phil.

    What we have now done is got rid of Ultimate facebook.

    We have two free subscription levels: buyers and sellers.

    Buyers only have access to front end and can view profiles, add message, chat in forums but they do not get profiles and cannot add posts to the system.

    Sellers subscription is also free but they have access to more pages and can have profile pages, add adverts etc. We will be adding Pro and Premium Sellers later next year.

    Question - it appear that the sellers are inheriting the restriction from the buyers. Our developer has said that is because there is no price difference. Is this the case? What if we had subscriptions that were $10 dollars each for different groups?

    I need some clarity as I would like the system to work like:

    1. Membership page - select from buyers and sellers

    2. If you select either you will be taken to the registration page where you can carry on with the buddypress registration.

    3. Hopefully behind the scenes we will have buyers restricted and sellers free to add adverts.

    Can it work like this?

    Also is there a way to add extra fields in the buddypress registration page for sellers e.g. phone number, contact name and description? This will not be shown if you are a shopper.

    That is about it. This is the last, but most important, bit of our project. So any help to get this right now would be appreciated.

    Preparing for the future - we will be thinking of providing blogs/marketplace services to sellers as pro sellers. Can we use the pro sites (old supporter) for this?

    Thanks again.


  • Philip John
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    The price you set for your subscriptions has no bearing on the level of access provided to users on those subscriptions at all so I'm not sure why your developer came to that conclusion.

    That signup process won't work no - the user will be asked to create an account *then* choose a subscription (i.e. buyer vs seller).

    It isn't possible to show BuddyPress profile fields in registration based on subscription, no as the fields come before the subscription in the process.

    Pro Sites will work along side Membership, yes so that would be possible.


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