Helo setting up membership plugin


Would like to setup membership plugin on my buddypress classified site which is primarily a community for retailers but would want the visitors/users to the site to be able to interact with the retailers in forums, groups etc. They will however not be able to post adverts, create profile pages etc.

So we will initially have two types of membership 1. Retailer 2. Visitior

1. The retailer will have access to the full set of buddypress tools including profiles, creating blogs, using marketpress and so on…we will eventually sub-divide this to provide more features like marketpress sites, blogs. They will also have access to the classified post advert environment (Please note we are not using the wpmudev classified plugin).

2. The visitor will be able to comment in forums and join groups to interact with retailer but will not have access to other tools. We would like to exclude them from quite a few other pages.

We have installed ultimate facebook as an option to registration.

Is the membership plugin overkill here?

Looking forward to your comments, suggestions, advise, help and instructions.