Help, a lot of spam comment (I have TypePad antispam installed.)


I installed TypePad antispam and was very satisfied until a few days ago. I made researches before I install it, and found out that most people who use it were very satisfied. I was happy with it, but from a few days ago, I am starting to see a lot (about 70 so far and keep increasing) of spam comments.
It just copies other comments at random and post them again. What shall I do? Why do I have a lot of spam comments, while others are very satisfied?
Did I do anything wrong? I installed it in /mu-plugins and hard coded the serial code.
Please help me.

Thank you.


  • drmike
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    No offense but a quick check of the logs shows we caught 2.1+ million spams yesterday with our in house system. Not to belittle your question but I'll trade you any day. :slight_smile:

    You don;t explain about these comments. Are they being caught by Typepad? Are they getting by and being labeled as ham? (For reference, the name ham is what a good comment is called.)

    If they're getting by, make sure you;re labeling them as spam to send them in. Every so often spammers learn a new trick and stuff gets by. A only the latest trick is to use a url of technorati and have that link to their spam site. Since Technorati isn;t the quickest to follow up with spam complaints....

    If they're getting caught by Typepad, then everything is working fine.

  • brainworld
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    Hello DrMike,

    The comments are not caught by Typepad. They were waiting blog admin's approval. Some admins misunderstood they are ham and approved them. Other admins spammed them.
    But many people are satisfied with Typepad, and I am having trouble. Did I do anything wrong?


  • drmike
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    No, it;s probably a new trick the spammers have discovered and it;s getting past Typepad. That's why it's very important to mark as spam and send them in.

    Even my in house system (and Akismet) misses a few on occasion.

    If it was marking everything as spam or ham, you would have an issue.

    Make it an educational issue and do a write up for your users. They may see it as you trying to make things better for them. Show them different things to look for to determine if a comment is spam or not.

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    You can also try Akismet on a per blog basis (you have to pay through the nose to activate it sitewide). From my experieince with both Akismet is more effective.

    Though in the last few weeks some spam had started to get through akismet when I had none before. It seems the spammers have been successful of late at poisoning the services using social engineering techniques. All the ones that get through are very praising of the blog or article, and through that probably get enough people to mark them as ham.

  • drmike
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    Strongly against installing Akismet, even on a per blog basis. When you buy a Burger King burger, you don;t have to go to the local McDonalds to pay for it. To allow your users to Akismet, you're going to have to send them over to to get a key. Also there's the chance that Automattic will see what you;re doing and cut you off from all their services.

    Also Akismet would be in the same boat with not picking up new tricks until it learns. Getting people mistakenly marked as spammers requires jumping through hoops as well.

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