Help building a WP site around an existing vbulletin forum??

Hey Guys!

I am pretty new here and I am overwhelmed by the kind and professional atmosphere!

I am also very new to wp and I am currently setting up a webshop using Marketpress which is going slower than slow but it´s fun and I am learning a lot.

When (or if!) the webshop is up and running I will start my next project and that´s were I will need some serious help.

I run an international forum here: using vbulletin 4 and I will try to attempt to build a large site around it using wp. Don´t look to close at the CMS as I have done nothing to it!!

I will try to ask as straight forward as I can but please let me know if you can´t follow my (very) thin red line.
I will need several things done and I list them below in no particular order.

First, the CMS in vbulletin is c**p (IMHO) to say the least so I will need a substitute and I am thinking of just a static welcome/splash page. That ought to be quite easy. To kick it up a notch I might try to incorporate a few widgets like latest posts etc but that is not neccessary.

Then I will need several galleries or similar as I will build reference sections with pics and info on the various models we collect and discuss at our forum. These galleries will be quite large since we have many models and submodels to display. So easy navigation is essential as is the need for subscriptions. These galleries will be for certain members on my forum who has reached a certain level.

Later on, I may also need a smal club shop for club items but that will have to come later. But it´s good to set the whole site up so I can incorporate one later on.

I also need a nice looking theme for the whole site and it´s important that it´s possible to "tweak" the vbulletin forum so it resembles the theme I choose. Here it´s getting tricky for me as I don´t know anything about coding, CSS or anything really. I also find vbulletin hard to deal with.

A blog I will need too.

I have heard that it is possible to build such a site using SSO but my guess is that it would take too much work/time and be extremely expensive. I have a slim budget for this project so I will try to keep it as inexpensive as possible.

So in a few words I want a wp site with CMS/splash page, galleries, blog and integrate/tweak a vbulletin forum to have the same looks as the rest of the site.

Anyone here who has done this?

I will appreciate any ideas, tips, recommendations and whatnot you might have on this!

With kind regards



Sorry for a VERY long first post!

  • Vaughan


    thanks for the post.

    the blogs is easy, it's what wordpress was originally designed for.
    there are also various gallery plugins available for WP, such as nextgen, FlaGallery, Jetpack & of course, Wordpresses own built in gallery (which has it's limits)

    membership plugin, can handle subscription levels & restrict pages etc to specific levels.

    the tweaking of vbulletin will be the biggest issue, i presume you already know how to edit/customise vbulletin themes?

    there is a plugin i believe that can integrate vbulletin. However, I have no idea of how good it is or with what versions etc it will work, or whether it will even work with multisite.

    you can find the plugin developers site here

    hope this helps.


  • sako


    Thanks ever so much for your prompt reply!

    Well I guess I was a bit vague but you managed to help me a lot anyway.

    What I really wanted to get was tips for wpmu Themes and Plug In´s to use when building my site. I will check those you mention ASAP.

    The blog is no sweat but the tweaking of my vb forum is the major issue. A fully integrated forum in my wp site would be great but I will settle for just make it look like the rest of the site. No need to make it more complicated than neccessary.

    What I do not have is knowledge of CSS or any vb back end work really although I do know some. Also I don´t have enough time to educate myself in how to do this so I will need a hired gun if you´ll pardon me my pun.
    So I mentioned this in my inital post to see if there´s maybe someone here who has done the same?

    Thanks a lot!


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