Help changing layout & colours on Account page (logged in)

I need some help with upfront on the Account page (when logged in)

Here are changes -
1. Change all field text (i.e. user's data to grey #898989)
2. Align the fields under the "Your Membership" so that the beginner is centred under "membership name" the "Active" under "Status" and "October 3 2015" under the "Expire date" (but then centre those three under the "Your Membership change" text so it looks even.
3. Move the fields under "Personal details" so that they are closer to the field names and again centre that block under "Personal details edit: equally same as (2)
3. Move the Date and Activity field titles so they are centred below the "Actives view all" title (although the fields for both invoices and actives are not currently visible is it possible to ensure they too will be centred under them or do they need to be visible in order to move them?)
4. Move the text + link "You are logged in as Sam green. Logout" to the top of the page centred in the page just below the "Account" title

Support access is ACTIVE until September 20, 2015 10:45 pm

Note to test it you might need to switch user to "Sam Green" I have enabled a plugin that allows user switching so if you navigate to the users area within wp-admin you can switch to sam to test it out.