Help Choosing the Correct Plugin For My Requirements

I need some advice on the correct plugin to use for my requirements. My choices seem to be:

1. Membership
2. Protected Content
3. Pay Per View

My requirements are: I need the ability to setup pages on my site that are not accessible unless the user pays for a monthly subscription ($9.95). Once they have paid, they have access to these pages, which will include text and videos.

If the user cancels their subscription, then they will no longer have access to the pages. It would also help to have automated emails sent to users when new content is available.

It seems like each of the plugin listed above may have what I require. I am currently using Protected Content on another site, but it may be overkill for what I need for this new site. I was looking more towards Pay Per View, if you think it has what I need.

Thanks for your assistance,