HELP: Complex Member structure


I am working on creating a paid Buddypress site using the Membership plugin. However, my implementation is pretty complex and I'm still fairly new to Wordpress development.

Here is what I need to do:

A user has an option to sign up as a business or an individual for X amount of dollars. If the user signs up as an individual the functionality is pretty basic.

If a user signs up as a business an account is created. When that user signs in he has access to a special business page. On that page is an option to add users. For each user that is created it becomes a child user of this business account and the business account's monthly subscription goes up X amount of dollars. All these users, whether individual, business, or a sub of a business will act as a basic Buddypress member.

How tough would this be to implement? I'm a decent developer, but lack experience with Wordpress. I'm on a short time frame, so I can't spend a lot of time digging through the source.

I hope I explained what I need well enough. Any help would be greatly appreciated.