Help configuring 2CO Payment Gateway in Membership

Working to get 2CO Payment Gateway at finalized & operating correctly - must have something slightly misconfigured?

So, what happens is, you can choose the membership level, and enter "new user" registration (which definitely creates the User on the back end successfuly) ... but then returns this error message when it is presumably trying to connect to the payment page to complete the subscription transaction:

"Please check the details of your subscription below and click on the relevant button to complete the subscription.

The Time to Think Club The Annual Subscription for Premier Membership in the Time to Think Club is just $65 payable by Credit Card.

There was a problem connecting to 2CO. Please try again. REF:401

You will pay : $65.00 for 1 year"

Thanks for help and ideas to see if this is something I have misconfigured - all the plugins, etc., of course, are up to date, and I believe I have our 2CO account correctly set.

Thank-you again, in advance, for your help and ideas!

All the Best,


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Kerry!

    This is from a slightly older thread, but here is a dev's reply:

    401 error is thrown when the user details you entered are invalid or doesn't have API access. Please remember to grant 'API Access' and 'API Updating' for the 2Checkout user. You can do it from Vendor Dashboard -> 'Account' -> 'User Management'.

    Does this seem like it might apply in your case?

    Hope your upcoming week is awesome!

  • TYGMedia

    Thanks very much - I have checked this setup, as you describe, and think I have done this correctly. My next step will be to connect with 2CO and ask them to confirm that I have done that correctly and will follow-up if still "stuck" following - and/or if you have any further suggestions, they are always most welcome!

    Thank-you again! Really appreciate it! Hope you, too, have a great upcoming week and will be back in touch following connect with 2CO.

  • TYGMedia

    Greetings! Thanks for asking! We're closer ...

    Took your excellent suggestion and that was part of the equation but still could not get it function. Called 2CO who told me to take the Membership plugin out of 2CO Demo mode and leave in Demo mode on the 2CO account - when I did that, we do have connection and that error code went away.

    At this moment, we are ready to try "live" purchase test tomorrow (i.e., Fri 10/10/14) and will update you as we learn how that goes!

    Thanks again, so much, for your help and follow-up! Much appreciated and will update you tomorrow after we learn more! More soon and hope you have a great Friday! Thanks again!

  • TYGMedia

    Greetings! Hope this finds things great with you! Even closer ... :slight_smile:

    Our payment test today worked - meaning that we can see the payment was accepted, through the Membership module, by 2CO - so that is great!

    We can't see, though, where Membership understood that this payment was completed - in other words, the communication back from 2CO to Membership following successful credit authorization did not happen somewhere along the way.

    I believe i have the Membership Plugin configured correctly - and did be sure that, through Membership, we used the 2CO User with API access and updating, but wondering if I have missed a step on either side?

    Thanks much for your help! Much appreciated! All the Best, Kerry

  • Michelle Shull

    Hiya, Kerry!

    Would you mind if I took a look at your Membership settings just to confirm everything is in the right spot? If this is ok, just grant me temporary admin access to your site by clicking "Grant Access" button in the WPMU DEV Dashboard Settings from the following path and reply on this thread after granting it?

    Admin -> WPMU DEV -> Support -> Support Access Tab

    If you have not installed WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin yet, kindly do that here : and then allow access as per the above process.

    Thanks, and glad to hear you're making so much progress so fast! You get a gold star. : )

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Kerry,

    Hope you're doing well today and thanks for your question!

    Just catching up on this thread, I didn't notice the approval or notifications url mentioned at all. Have you added that to your 2checkout account? I have posted a screenshot to illustrate.

    This is what 2checkout uses to communicate back to Membership.

    Let us know if you have filled that in :slight_smile:

    Look forward to hearing back.

    All the best,

  • TYGMedia

    Greetings! Thanks very much for your help!

    I did add this to, under 2Checkout website Account->Site Management->Checkout Options. I used the URL, as suggested, in both the "Approved URL" entry there and also for one called "Affiliate URL" - does that sound correct? I did not see a particular "Notifications" entry to change - might I have missed that?

    Also, I did set the "Direct Return" option to Header Redirect (Your URL) - does that sound correct?

    Thanks for your help - it is much appreciated! I will try to run another payment test tomorrow although it would be great if you are able to comment back on my efforts to see if that seems to be in the correct path!

    Hope you have a great week and thanks again! All the Best, Kerry

  • TYGMedia

    Greetings! We did another payment test on this - please see 10/15/14 2:04:44pm thread immediately above. With changes as noted above, we got the same result as earlier - i.e., the payment was approved by 2CO, and visible on the 2CO site as a payment approved, but, somehow, I don't have it configured correctly to return to Membership module because there is no evidence that there was a payment (in the Membership module 2CO Payment Gateway section) and, therefore, no "access" granted to subscriber levels.

    Your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions are very much appreciated! Clearly it must be my configuration at some level. I did extend the Support Staff Access so that is available, if that is helpful!

    Thanks again, so much! It is a great learning experience and I am sure, at this point, it must be a simple configuration fix! Hope you have a great weekend! All the Best, Kerry

  • TYGMedia

    Greetings! Thanks so much for your help on this!

    I just added, as you suggested, to the Order Created and Fraud Status Changed items. Thus far, the others (i.e., Shipping Status Changed; Invoice Status Changed; Refund Issued; Recurring Installment Success; Recurring Installment Failed; Recurring Complete; Recurring Restarted) are blank - do I add and enable that URL link there as well?

    So, good progress - although still an issue. I processed a $1 test subscription which shows on 2CO as a completed $1 pending order. I now DO see this in Membership (so it definitely closed a loop). It does show the order as "processed" - but as a $0.00 order and so, therefore, presumably did not activate the trial subscription accordingly.

    Sorry for this being step-by-step march to resolution, but I really appreciate your thoughts/help ... we're getting closer and closer! I did extend the Support Staff Access if that is helpful. Thanks again, so much and hope you will have a great week upcoming! All the Best, Kerry

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey TYGMedia,

    Hope you're doing well today and apologies for the delay here. Thanks for granting access again :slight_smile:

    I just set this up in my sandbox and it processed the $0 payment, which I assume is a way for them to verify the card then it charged the $1 right after and my subscription was initiated successfully.

    I can see yours isn't charging the fee. Did "enable" and insert your notifications link into every field? or just insert the url into the global field and click apply all? Make sure you enable it too, there is a green enable link you need to press otherwise the notifications won't work.

    Look forward to hearing back here TYGMedia!

    All the best,

  • TYGMedia

    Greetings! So very sorry to report this is still an open item ...

    After doing all of the recommended items, I contacted back to 2CO because we have the same issue remaining ... the charge goes through to 2CO and apparently Membership picks it up - but always as a $0 charge and therefore won't unlock subscriber access.

    2CO suggested trying the various options for Direct Return - we had originally had this set to "Header Redirect (Your URL)" and, so, at 2CO's suggestion, tried "live" charges with "Direct Return (Our URL)" and " Given links back to my website" both of which yielded the same result ... an actual charge recorded by 2CO but a $0 result in Membership.

    2CO tech support team told me they contacted WPMU to see if they could technically resolve but - and forgive me, I am just quoting here, they were told they would have pay for technical support to have WPMU help resolve this issue. Surely that can't be correct?

    In any case, I told them that I was sure that would not be the case - since I initiated the Support question anyways for supposed-to-be-supported function of the Membership module and I would contact you, provide their tech support number (614-921-2450) so that hopefully this last item - getting the 2CO reported amount of sale to correctly be ready by Membership - could be resolved.

    If it is helpful, I granted Support Staff Access on this ...

    Thanks so very much for your help on this! Really would like to see this get across the finish line ... :slight_smile:

    Thanks so much! All the Best, Kerry

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Kerry!

    So sorry you're still having problems! You've been super patient, I know how frustrating these issues can be.

    I'm not able to reproduce the issue you're having, let's do some quick ruling out - do you happen to have any other plugins installed that access the 2CO payment gateway?

    Do you have any security or caching plugins active?

    If the answer to either of these questions is yes, try temporarily de-activating them and see if you can test successfully.

    If the answer to both questions is no, try temporarily de-activating all your plugins, testing, and then reactivating one by one if the test payment went through with no active plugins, until you find the plugin causing mischief.

    If that doesn't reveal anything, report back in, and we'll go a step further.

    I'm sure there was just a bit of misunderstanding between 2CO and the team here, I'll mention this to one of the email team now.

    Thanks, Kerry!

  • TYGMedia

    Greetings! Thanks so very much - yes, we are SO CLOSE to making this all work!

    That is why it was bit surprising that the 2CO tech support folks reported that they tried to reach out for support to help me but said they were told WPMU could not help them unless they wanted to pay for support. Again, the 2CO tech support number is 614-921-2450 - thanks, so much, for your help in this area - I agree, I am sure there was just a simple confusion on this.

    Meanwhile, I don't believe any of the type of plugins you are asking about is involved - to be sure, though, I reactivated Support Staff Access on the website, so you can double-check, and also will list the plugins that are active, on this site, below. Thank you SO MUCH for your help ... looking forward to it ... this has to be very simple ...

    We are getting all the info correctly back and forth ... just reading $0 for the amount in WPMU instead of the actual amount charged and so therefore, WPMU Membership does not end up activating the subscription.

    Hope you have a great week! (plug in list below) - All the Best, Kerry

    Audio Player
    Contact Form 7
    Duplicate Post
    IK Facebook Plugiin
    LogIn Image
    Login Redirect
    Login Widget with Shortcode
    Logout Button
    Logout Redirect
    Membership Premium
    Ultimate Branding
    Vixy YouTube Embed
    WPMU Dev Dashboard

  • Michelle Shull

    Thanks for the info, Kerry!

    All your plugins look fine, there's nothing in the list that stands out as a potential conflict creator.

    I did see this a notice on the top of your screen on the 2CO settings page, with a URL (I won't copy that) and this message:

    Please make sure you add this to your 2Checkout "Notifications" as well as "Approved URL". The domain must be the same as the one registered with your Live account for production sites.

    Did you notice this step? If you've already done this, forgive me, just want to make sure we're covering all our bases here.

    Thanks, Kerry!

  • TYGMedia

    Thanks very much for your help and quick reply!

    Yes ... I did do this and individually for each question in 2CO - as Tyler had suggested in previously... (See below my signature - tried to cut'n'paste part of that screen in 2CO Account Settings - I did cut'n'paste that same URL from WPMU 2Checkout payment setting for each entry in 2CO) ... 2CO support is telling me I have that configured correctly as well ...

    Again, as you probably noticed ... Membership shows each transaction as $0.00 but, there was an amount actually "charged" by 2CO. For example, Transaction #8463 shows in 2CO as $1.00 (correctly charged) but $0 in WPMU Membership. Transaction #9199 also shows, correctly, in 2CO as the $1 charge it should have been but $0 in WPMU Membership. So somehow this one snipped of data - albeit an important one ... :slight_smile: - does not seem make it across the communications gap in some fashion.

    Thanks again for your help! All the Best, Kerry

    Global URL

    To send all messages to the same URL, enter a Global URL and click Apply
    Order Created

    This message will be sent when a new order is placed. [?]
    Fraud Status Changed

    This message will be sent when the fraud status or an order changes. [?]
    Shipping Status Changed

    This message will be sent when an order is marked shipped. [?]
    Invoice Status Changed

    This message will be sent when the status or an order changes (Ex. When an order ). [?]
    Refund Issued

    This message will be sent when a refund is issued against an order. [?]
    Recurring Installment Success

    This message will be sent when a recurring order re-bills successfully. [?]
    Recurring Installment Failed

    This message will be sent when a recurring order fails to re-bill. [?]
    Recurring Stopped

    This message will be sent when a recurring order is stopped. [?]
    Recurring Complete

    This message will be sent when all installments of a recurring order have completed billing. [?]
    Recurring Restarted

    This message will be sent when a recurring order which was previously stopped, is restarted. [?]

  • Michelle Shull

    Thanks, Kerry!

    Let's ask the dev, Rheinard for some feedback here. I am thus far unable to see what's happening to cause the mismatch between the 2CO charge and what Membership is showing.

    Thanks for enabling support access, can I trouble you to leave it active for a few days? Our devs are some of the busiest people I know, so sometimes it can take just a little bit to get feedback on issues. I know he'll want to have a look at your settings, as well.

    Thanks, Kerry! I sent a message to our email team, I'll let you know if I hear something. : )

  • TYGMedia


    Thank you again so much! Absolutely - Support access says ACTIVE until November 26, 2014 11:08 am and will make a note to extend by mid-week as needed!

    Really appreciate your help - this is so close and I really enjoy the program's functionality for controlling the site access ... it is will be amazing one we solve the payment gateway story! Thank you again!

    All the Best, Kerry

  • Rheinard

    Hi @TYGMedia (Kerry),

    2CheckOut changed its policies not so long ago and one of the big changes was that you cannot use your normal 2CheckOut login details to access the API. This means that if you use your usual login details when you configure membership you will not be able to connect to the gateway.

    Here are a couple of screenshots that should help.

    Screenshot 1: You have to use a user in the list that has API access granted (including update access). If you go to 2CheckOut > Account > User Management you should have a user with this access listed, if not, click "Create Username"

    Screenshot 2: Make sure when you create the new user you grab the user/pass combination to put this into Membership. Most importantly, make sure you give this new 2CheckOut user the API access it needs.

    There are a number of reasons for this approach, but most important, it keeps you primary 2CheckOut login secret to you only. You can add and remove users with API access whenever you want.

    Hope this helps.

    UPDATE: As far as the $0 transactions go, I will flag this for improvement. It really should not be recording anything if the process fails to complete, or at least give a different message than 'Processed'.


  • TYGMedia

    Greetings! Thanks so very much for your help! It is much appreciated!

    So, I think I had already correctly completed these steps - I attached some screen shots in the PDF with, hopefully, enough info to help you confirm I set it correctly, etc. Please let me know as you can.

    Also wanted to show you the transactions as they appear on WPMU Membership and also the corresponding appearances on 2CO.

    There is a tab, in 2CO, labeled "Payment API Integration process" - so far, have done nothing in that tab - is there anything I should do with that tab? It is set to whatever 2CO defaults it too ...

    Thanks again so much for your help! Again, really appreciate it! Hope you have a great week. All the Best, Kerry

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey TYGMedia,

    Hope you're doing well today and thanks for sharing that info!

    I believe the payment API integration process is for developers to integrate the API into their plugins/applications, like ours :slight_smile: so you shouldn't need to worry about that as it's already been done.

    We're still unable to replicate this issue. Would you mind sending us in your FTP and a copy of your database so we can dig deeper into the issue? :slight_smile:

    You can send this privately through our contact form.

    Send in:

    Subject: "Attn: Tyler Postle"
    -WordPress admin username
    -WordPress admin password
    -login url
    -FTP credentials (host/username/password)
    -link back to this thread for reference
    -any other relevant urls

    Select "I have a different question" for your topic - this and the subject line ensure that it gets assigned to me :slight_smile:

    For the database, you can also just give us cPanel access instead, assuming we can access your phpmyadmin through that grab a copy of the database ourselves :slight_smile:

    You can't attach files through our contact form but you can email it directly via contact[at] - that way you can email us right from within your gmail or whichever email service you use and attach the database.

    Look forward to hearing back TYGMedia!


  • TYGMedia

    Greetings! Thanks so much - yes, we are hoping to get this info to you this weekend. Our CTO has been out sick this week and is slowly crawling back to life ... :slight_smile: So, hoping to get this rolling over the weekend! Thanks so much for your help - info should be coming shortly - we really are looking forward to getting this to work fully! Hope you have a nice weekend! All the Best, Kerry.

  • TYGMedia

    Hello this is the CTO Kerry was talking about Hi my name is Hal. Kerry asked me to let you know what we have done on our side to help with this.. What I noticed first off was we had the site flip flopping from Subdomain to domain. I have went in and fixed the site where it only comes from the Domain now. So it should be not There is some errant code with the tygmedia subdomain in the code (when removed it crashes the site but that is a bulk removal) could this be part of the issue as we are trying to stick with the main url not a subdomain. Please let Kerry know and Ill jump back on here.


  • Michelle Shull

    Hello, Kerry and Hal!

    Just a couple of questions for clarification.

    1. What did you do to fix the site to force the mapped ( domain?


    2. Can you clarify what you mean by errant code? Where are you seeing it, and how is it interfering?

    oh, there's also a

    3. Did you get the cpanel login info sent in to Tyler? I scanned our assigned email tickets and didn't spy anything that looked like it might be from you. Thanks!

    Nice to meet you, Hal, and hope you're looking forward to a great week, Kerry!

  • TYGMedia

    This is Hal Sorry I had gotten caught up with some other projects.. We are hosted by 1and1

    First We Pointed all images and audio clips to the right directories. And After a good check after disabling the Subdomain we also changed hard coded subdomain pointers in the Wordpress backend.

    Errant means that there is still a in the coding removing it takes the site down..

    The back end of our server allows access to all of our servers. Ill talk more with Kerry on this and get back to you.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Hal,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    I've been testing this out a lot on my sandbox install trying to recreate the issue and I'm still unable too.

    Just to be sure, for the direct return you have "Header Redirect" and the approved url set as the same url you used for the instant payment notifications?

    The direct return option is located via:

    Account > Site management.

    Look forward to hearing back on this!


  • TYGMedia


    This is Kerry and am making sure I :cc Hal, so he can help answer/follow-up as needed too on this! I did check the 2Checkout settings and, yes, it is set to Header Redirect (Your URL) and, as you note, the Approved URL is also exactly the same as the one used for all the Instant Payment notifications.

    Also, I don't know about this issue in Sandbox mode ... we had trouble originally with that and it was suggested we go to Live ... so this, for us, is all happening as Live issues. Is it possible, in your test model, perhaps to go live and charge $1 test to see if you get different result live than sandbox?

    Thanks very much for all your help! All the Best, Kerry

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Kerry,

    I know we've been discussing this through email already, but just wanted to update the post too so other staff are aware of the situation so far and know what is going on with this ticket.

    I've just emailed you back requesting your live 2CO account credentials so I can test it out with my site and see if it's a plugin/2CO related issue or site/2CO related one :slight_smile:

    Look forward to hearing back.

    All the best,

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Kerry,

    Thanks for sending that over :slight_smile:

    Good news and bad news.

    Good news, it worked fine on my site! The membership applied properly and it showed the $1 payment on both WP and 2CO ends.

    Bad news, i set it up on your site again and it's still not working. I created a new api user since I didn't know the password of the one you created, I've used that one for the user/password on the WP end, so feel free to change that :slight_smile:

    I am thinking this might be a theme issue, I notice the user doesn't re-direct back to the welcome page properly.

    Do you mind trying out a test transaction with the default 2014 theme active? Or I guess 2015 now :p

    Let us know if it works when you are using the default theme, that should give us our next clue.

    Look forward to hearing back!

    All the best,

  • TYGMedia

    Greetings! We are SO close now!

    Thanks for the good testing suggestion!

    When I switched theme over to default 2015 and ran test, it appeared to work and correctly unlocked the $1 trial subscription - and, in the payment gateway information, it correctly listed the transaction with the correct $1 transaction amount .... so, following your thought, it would appear that something in theme is, in fact, where the logjam occurs?

    Thanks - I have switched it back to the current theme (Born) ... and just let us know the best idea/thoughts as next steps from here.

    Thank-you again very much! We're close! All the Best, Kerry

  • TYGMedia

    Greetings and Happy New Year!

    Just wanted to check-in and see if anyone had a chance to think of further thoughts/ideas now that we seem to have understood that some relationship between the "Born" theme and the WPMU Membership module is halting the correct reporting of the $ amount of the transaction that 2CO reports.

    Thanks again, so much, for all your help - inching close to a good success in resolving! Thank-you again! All the Best, Kerry

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey there TYGMedia,

    Apologies for the delay here! Somehow your last post wasn't in my feed. Sorry about that.

    I'm going to call in SLS on this one, our coding gurus, so they can take a look at your theme and see if it's possible for us to provide some custom code to resolve this :slight_smile:

    Thanks for all your patience.

    Keep in mind that SLS deal with more complex threads so they may take a little longer to reply.

    Let us know if you have any further questions in the meantime!

    All the best,

  • TYGMedia

    Greetings! Thanks so very much for your help on this!

    Okay - I just ran a new $1 trial transaction - this time the transaction did show the $1 charge correctly - please see the attached 2Checkout Transaction Page - BUT did not activate the subscription.

    One clue could be that it did not "retain" the transaction/subscription type in the "Subscription" column - which it had been doing previously?

    I did activate "Grant Support Staff Access" - so thanks in advance for checking this out and letting me know what we might try next?

    Thanks so much ... it seems very, very close now ...

    I appreciate all your help! All the Best,


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