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I have a website in which I release a new audio mp3 each month and I want to use the Membership Plugin to allow users to subscribe to my website monthly to get access to the audio download.

I would like each member to be able to login and hear each months audio either by listening to it on the website or by downloading it.

Each audio file will be released with a website page / post that includes images, text an audio teaser and the actual audio file.

The only content I really need to protect is the actual audio file and audio download button.

I want the public to be able to view everything else including the audio teaser so they are motivated to sign up.

Now, my main questions are these.

If someone signs up in the first month, that works out nicely because they have access to everything as it becomes available because they started at the beginning.

But, what if someone signs up during month 3 ?

I don't want them to have access to months 1 and 2 because they have not paid for it yet, but i DO want them to be able to buy it if they wish to.

I have been running this program for a year and I have about 100 monthly subscribers. Each month I add new subscribers but, I also add new audio so most people are signing up somewhere in the middle and their subscription starts with whichever audio file is for the month they signed up in and then all audio going forward.

How do I handle the months that they missed?

Should I start new subscribers at the beginning?

My audio files are sometimes time sensitive so if someone starts at the beginning ... they may be viewing out dated material.

thanks in advance for all help

Robert Cromeans SHOP

  • DavidM

    Hi Israel,

    I think it might actually take a bit of custom work to get Membership to work in that specific way. Essentially, each person would have access to potentially different content (one member can access months 3, 2 and 1, while another member could only access month 1).

    You could potentially create a new subscription each month that includes the specific access rules you need, but the subscriptions would quickly add up and be a bit much to manage.

    Best way really would be to utilize Membership conditional functions, likely within your your theme files, to restrict access depending on membership level as well as the time the subscription was created.

    The following conditional functions can be used to test for the current member's level and subscription.

    I'm not quite sure how to get the start date or whether there's an easier way to achieve this. Let me check with the developer on this to be sure.


  • robertcromeans

    Hey David.. ok cool this gets me going although right this minute I am having trouble just getting the Plugin to work ..

    Is there a private place we could discuss so I can shoot you my credentials so you can look at what I am trying to do.

    Right now it seems like the plugin is ignoring my rules for Visitors to be able to see some of the content ... I have it set that visitors can see a post and a post category

    Once I enable the plugin it is still blocking the stuff I tried to let the plugin allow

    I want to just give you access to look can we do this via email or private?



  • Mason

    Hiya Israel,

    Can you provide a link to your site? We should be able to at least see what visitors are seeing.

    We can take a look at the site by logging in if you send your details through the contact form here:

    No promises on when that'll be as we're heading in the weekend. Just put my name in the subject line and reference this thread.

    Also, what version of WordPress and this plugin are you using? Any other plugins?


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