HELP! Deleted "Global Site Search" plugin now I get a blank home page

I'm running WP 3.1 with recent version of BP and all the plugins are up to date as of this morning.

I've been having problems getting "Global Site Search" to parse results. Rather then leave on the site while I worked on some other things I decided to delete the plugin.

Now I can reach every page of my site except the main index page. Its blank page now. is active but I can't login to any accounts from it including the main dashborads.

I was able to log in to another account, as super admin. And even able to reach the dashboards of the main site this way. Yet the the main page remains a blank page.

I just updated post-indexer and "Recent Global Post Widget" last night, checked the sql and then set it up as a widget and it works great.

I checked the index.php in cpanel, it's still there and matches to my back up copy. I also checked to make sure Global Site Search was deleted right.

I checked error logs on cpanel and there's nothing recent, in the past 3 weeks.

I ran ipconfig/flush on my local system just in case I had a copy of the blank index page.That was the last thing I could think of to check.

I'll be grateful if anyone can suggest some thing else to check or the has a solution for me. As I said at beginning of post it happened immediately after deleting "Global Site Search" plugin.