Help formatting Q&A on my site

I already had purchased the plugin Q&A from you and it worked fine on my previous theme. When I switched themes, it now does not align correctly (the right sidebar is underneath the content). I e-mailed you guys about this, but they said they couldn’t help me unless I purchased support. So I purchased the plugin again, so I could get help formatting it with my new website.

If you could please help me out here. Last time they gave me some custom css, and it worked with my old theme just fine (which was also two sidebars like my new one).

If there are shortcodes available, I could simply just create a page and take out one of the sidebars and then it would work fine. Please let me know.

Otherwise, if you could help me with some custom css, I would appreciate it. Thank you!

Also, I would be happy to give you my wordpress login details if you would like to make the changes necessary to display correctly.

Thank you!