Help Getting Amazon S3 to work with Upfront Templates

I've asked about this in the past but with the recent updates to the the s3 plugins I thought this should be re-visit it.

Recently the amazon s3 storage plugins:

Were updated and fixed a lot of bugs and now seem to work almost perfectly with all my templates, image cropping works, background images work, other plugin galleries work, everything is working...except the upfront templates....which I want to work the most!

What does work in the upfront template: image swapping for background images
What does not work: Adding a gallery and inserting/swapping images

Both of things mentioned that don't work hang at "processing image." or saving image.

I am guessing that the way the template is written, it is using the library that only looks for a local file..not a remote file.

Somewhere in the code where your template takes over there is a break down..

I propose 3 things to make this fully compatible so that I can realize my dream.

Step 1, make sure that if original size is selected when inserting an image, then when the user presses okay the template doesn't attempt to go the its processing image functionality. Currently it does and regardless of compatibility with the S3 plugins, I think I may have revealed a bug of wasted of cpu cycles.

Step 2. Enable the toggle-able setting for the template that has an on or off switch for resizing images and gallery thumbnails. If a gallery is created while the off switch for resizing images is toggled then the user will be able to select from the standard pre-defined thumbnails.

Step 3. Update the template to check to see if the media is remote or local before processing and creating a new image....

Also of note:
I just changed the file /upfront/library/media/class_upload_handler.php

To include the new upload library ( guys were using a version over a year old)

I grabbed it from here: to update it to version 8.4.1

To get the new upload library to work I also changed line 43 of the file /upfront/library/media/class_upfront_upload_handler.php to be a public function(previously it was a private)

Please let me know what the developer finds out, perhaps the developer didn't use imagecreatefrompng and other similar functions that allow for grabbing an image from a url.

Thank you, looking forward to getting this to finally work. When we can get this to be compatible with s3 storage, it will be ready for real prime time usage.