HELP – HELP – HELP – we are speachless… and helpless

Valued Support Team

last we did was updating BuddyPress… result, we have on many irregular pages and sub domains by sudden 404 and content is not protected like it should.

We tried to help ourself by

– cleared browser cache

– clear super cache

– re-set Permalinks on all multi sites

but we do not get rid of that 404 error and content protection, apart from other issue, like missing navigation etc.

Attached screenshot to demonstrate a bit what we experience.

Please help urgently.



  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hey @prinz,

    Can you please link us to the pages in questions so we check this out, also, can you tell us which content is protected because I checked your Protection Rules and didn’t find any protected content.

    Have you tried updating to latest version of Membership 2 to see if that will give any improvements?

    Best regards,


  • Klaus
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hello Predrag,

    that’s so incredibly kind of you replying so promptly. Regards your questions…

    meanwhile we also rebooted VPS

    our dashboard says m2 is uptodate, hope so we will have newest version

    please go on our site online


    take e.g. first navigation

    click NEXT button…. this should lead to be protected screen but

    instead link goes to sub domain

    and page is displayed with no navigation menu….

    another example

    click on Academy …. then NEXT…… result 404

    and so fort…

    Thanks for helping


  • Klaus
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Adam,

    we urge you dearly, please help to find that trouble maker!

    Meanwhile we after

    – rebooting even VPS server, we also

    – loaded all pages on every multisite (sub domain) with THEME 2015…. luckily the ‘Academy …. problem of 404’ is solved.

    …. we re-activated TRADES Child Theme result:

    on NETWORK ADMIN Level all NAVIGATION panes on sub domains especially the one of

    ‘About ME (It’s MY Turn)’ is displayed but m2PRO menu protection does take place


    when we take out construction mode and go LIVE with our application, there the navigation pane on ‘About ME (It’s MY Turn)’ is still missing (despite appearance on Network Admin level) also not one single menu item according to m2PRO protection settings is protected. What’s wrong??????

    PLEASE, once again we urge you dearly, please help to find that trouble maker! We are at the end of our wisdom…

    Looking forward hearing from you soon.



  • Klaus
    • The Crimson Coder

    Oh… and I forgot to mention, meanwhile we activated ‘Under CONSTRUCTION Mode’ again but instead of displaying that temporary page content every visitor get’s access to our website and on-top of that (that’s most annoying they straight away directed to the membership 2PRO signup page (…

    but they should first land on (HOME page)

    (imagine that first impression one has when they first go to our page. an impression which gives the feeling we are putting on one the pressure “first signup” then you’ll see what we have in store… sorry, that’s really not us :slight_frown:( )

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Prinz,

    Thanks for the additional info and sorry for the delay here.

    Did you manage to find a solution to this because I tried testing all that you mentioned above and I can see everything normally, even when logged out.

    Menu item “About Us” is there, there are no 404 pages anymore, and visiting your site doesn’t redirect me directly to registration page.

    Best regards,


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