Help I deleted the template "get quote" box of Scribe theme and want it back

Hi, I'm building my site prior to launch and have been working bleary-eyed on it, and deleted all the images and text boxes and buttons from the "get quote" box at the bottom of the page of some of Scribe's pages... when all i really wanted to do was just remove that one quote box from that one page where it did not really belong.

I want it back.... but I had saved and switched over to working on a new page.. and though i pressed "undo" and said "please" several times it couldn't go back that far. That's when I realized that I didn't just close the little red "x" like I should have done (and had done before on a different page that didn't need the quote box) but had effectively eliminated all data so that the "get quote" box wouldn't even appear on my homepage.


Could you please send me the Scribe theme template CSS for that "get quote" box so I can fix the damage done? Also, if you have time, I'd love to know if its possible to change the color of the links. Do the links all have to stay light blue for this theme? They are kind of hard to read.

Really love this product though. My site is starting to look decent. Much, much, improved and more professional-looking than my poor little Google sites one. And I'm excited to start posting courses and build a store. Thanks so much for the boost up!