HELP - I installed Membership 2 Pro and my site won't work anymore

HELP! This is urgent. I installed Membership 2 Pro like recommended in a previous question and you can't access the site anymore! When you go to the home page it just spins. This is really bad!

How can I get this fixed right away?

  • Thomas

    Thanks @Adam. I had to go through my FTP, delete the Memberships 2 Pro plug-in and put back the free version of the site. Now that it's back, it's registering people for the wrong membership, the site is slow, and all of the protection settings I had were lost.

    I have a developer working on it, but we're really frustrated with how difficult it is to get the membership plug-in to cooperate with the BuddyPress part of our site and just work as expected.

    I don't know if the Pro version works better, but we can't get it installed or it crushes the site.

  • Thomas

    To continue explaining the issues we're experiencing:

    The registration form works ok. You click "REGISTER FOR HLWEO" on this page ( and it takes you to the registration form. Clicking this button is supposed to enroll you for the Registered Guest membership we have, which is a starting point before people get approved for members-only content, which we manually add later

    Then after completing required fields, you click "Complete Sign Up" on the next page. This should take you to the success page, which is /thank-registering. That's when you get hit with a 404 error.

    Then the new members aren't actually assigned ANY membership, like they're supposed to.

    And after I go to their new membership and try to add a membership level, it just spins and spins and spins.

    Is there a way to get a little faster assistance on this?

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Thomas,

    I see the issue you describe above. Can you enable support access so we can have a look at your settings?

    You can grant support access via WPMU DEV > Support > Support Access > Grant Access.

    Once we get this 404 sign up issue sorted out and have it working properly then we can fix the Pro issue you ran into that forced you to revert back to free.

    Look forward to hearing back! Just post back here once you've granted support access.


  • Thomas

    I had a developer go in there and fix it today. Honestly, getting M2, Buddypress, bbPress and WordPress to work smoothly has been a nightmare. I had a really smart guy on this and he's invested 38 hours in trying to make it work right. That was $8000 more than I ever imagined paying. I have him for 40 hours, and after that, I'm on my own, which is pretty scary with all the outstanding issues we're looking at.

    We need to have M2 updated to M2 Pro, but I need to get the site stable first, and then I'd like to have you help. If something bad happens, how much time and attention will you provide? I'd hate to have the site fall apart and then we're left hanging. I can't afford to hire someone again for a while.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Thomas,

    Any issue you run into relating to Membership 2 we are more than happy to help with. Even with this sign up issue, we would of helped with that so there is no need to hire a developer again unless you plan on extending the capabilities of Membership 2 - then of course you would need a developer to code up those customizations :slight_smile:

    With a full membership there is no limit to the amount of questions/help you will get. Essentially it is until the plugin is working with your site. The only time we draw the line is when it comes to additional features and bigger customizations, we aren't able to provide the custom code for that but we can make it a feature request that if enough members request it then it will be added in a future version. As far as just setting up the plugin goes, we are all yours.

    As for your server conflicts, we will be happy to help with that too and sounds like we got a couple staff already helping you with that.

    If this thread issue is already solved, and you have further outstanding ones, just create a new thread and we can help you work through those as well :slight_smile:

    I will mention that our support works in a feed system, so our staff work through tickets from oldest to newest based on last reply. This ensures tickets don't get lost and support is spread around evenly.

    Hope that clears things up! If you have further questions on that just let me know.


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Thomas,

    Here are the major features you would see by upgrading:

    - Fully integrated coupon system – offer special promotions and attract new users
    - Recurring payment options – set users up on an ongoing automated payment plan
    - Admin-side protection rules – protect elements inside the WordPress Dashboard
    - Custom post-type protection – protect post-types not native to WordPress core
    - Advanced media protection rules – more control when protecting media
    - Network Wide Protection – manage membership on your entire Multisite network from one place

    There shouldn't be any issues with updating; however, when upgrading on a live site it's always a really good idea to do a full back up first - that way you can easily revert to it in the case that anything does go wrong :slight_smile:

    We're always here to help if needed too!


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