Help I need

Help I need to speed up this site using hummingbird. My issue is with Javascript and css blocking rendering. I want to improve my speed but the more I try to run it is still slow.

  • Huberson

    Hello Evans,
    Those render render blocking issues are mostly caused by scripts and stylesheets that load as your page first load(mostly placed in the header) that could be deferred by having them in the page footer.
    You can use Hummingbird minification option to try deferring as much JavaScript and css possible to the footer. That option will minify all possible resources as well. There's also an option to combine the assets.

    One important thing to note is that certain resources might not work well deferring or combining them, so you'll have to check individual assets to make sure part of the site appearance is not broken because of a merge.

    Here's an article that provides some in depth details in that matter -
    How to Eliminate Render-Blocking Issues With Hummingbird for WordPress

    If you still have the same performance issues, you can grant support access to the site in question and we'll have a look there.