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Hi, I just brought up this site and it's the first time I'm using the hub. The speed on Google is very slow. What can be done to improve it? It tells me the images are only at 4% but I believe they are smushed. Do you have any other suggestions on how to improve the speed?

  • Dimitris
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    Hello there Patricia,

    hope you’re doing good today and thanks for reaching us! :slight_smile:

    Using WP Checkup

    I can see that two parts are outstanding there:

    1) Optimize images, which reports that these images should also be resized, apart from compressed. This means, that they are getting loaded in a much smaller container in homepage, so Google moans that you should loaded smaller versions of them. Smush can handle only the “compressing” part, as it makes no resizing (it can only do that if you enable the “Resize my full size images” option).

    So, in order to surpass that, you should either:

    – contact theme author about it, so the proper image sizes are used

    – resize/crop the reported images to match the container dimensions (please keep in mind that resizing/cropping an image, will affect all other posts/pages that’s being used, apart from homepage). More info on how to resize images from WP admin:

    2) Remove render-blocking assets, which means that there’re assets that can be loaded after above-the-fold content is loaded. In order to make some progress there, you can use Asset Optimisation from HummingBird plugin and under the advanced mode, make use of the footer, inline and defer options. Keep in mind that this process is a trial and error one, so you should make changes, then refresh your homepage and check that all work well. If not, revert changes one by one, until you have a good working condition. For more details, please have a read in next resources:

    Warm regards,


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