Help! Installed Status and my Activity stream and forums are acting differently...

I just installed this plugin and am really psyched because it's doing what I wanted: allowing me to use a widget to display admin updates on the Welcome page of a member site.

However! I now see that a few other things have changed without my having done anything:
1) The BuddyPress sitewide activity stream now displays only updates, no recent replies in forums, etc.
2) I posted a new reply in a bbPress forum, and the reply was posted above the original post.
3) Less of an issue, but the style of my "submit" and "delete" buttons also seems to have changed.

I'm also worried that if another user posts an update on their BuddyPress profile page, it will also post in the Status widget I've created on the Welcome page. Do I need to do something else to ensure that only updates created by an admin are shown there?