Help installing "PressBooks" to new WP Multisite

Please have a look at

The instructions require these “dependencies”

For PDF export install Prince (note: this is not free software) – Version 9.0

For PDF export via mPDF ensure that the following folders have write access and/or they are owned by the appropriate user.See for more details on adjusting file permissions.




For MOBI export install KindleGen – Version 2.9

For EPUB validation install EpubCheck – Version 3.0.1

For XML validation install xmllint – Version 20800

Certain Linux installations do not ship with the php5-xsl library enabled by default. If you attempt to export an ePub and get a either a white screen with minimal text, or a “Fatal error: Class ‘XSLTProcessor’ not found” error, you may need to run a command like “apt-get install php5-xsl”

1) What are “dependencies”

2) May you provide a bulleted process for installing these dependencies

3) Where exactly are they to be installed?

4) Can these be ‘installed’ if I use shared Linux cPanel Hosting? If so how?