Help make team images display or change primary blog ?

I have a site here: and in the root site if you scroll down you will see some team member names but no images appear? Butch, Karl, Mark etc. It just shows the word "home" where the image should display and if I view source I see src=""
This page displays on all my subsites and the page I use for a template for NBT:

Its only the root site with the issue and tried recreating the team members and removing and importing again but the featured images don't display.
I also noticed that on my root site my blog posts display all images BUT the top feature image so I have an issue with featured images.

So could I just use another working sub site as my root site, like this one?

I went to and changed the primary site drop down to to the /corp-site sub site but it doesn't display on the root of the site:

Do I also need to update the wp-config file? I tried updating that with the site & blog id I found in the blogs table of the DB but didn't get that work either.

So can you help me make my featured images display on my current root site or change my root site / primary blog that displays to ?

I have enabled support access and thank you!!!