Membership Level Setup Help

Hi Barry

Thought I had this membership plugin sussed , but now having problems

I have 2 levels

1st level restricts access to category blog and restricts access to buddypress

2nd level gives access to the above

when a user is not logged in they are on level 1. When a user registers once activated they become level 2.

but when they log in they cannot access their profile and the main menu does not show either.

I do not know what I am doing wrong. I am using the sliding login panel (nice plugin)

Please can you have a look for me everything is backed up

so if you login in as micb11 and password you will see the problem . this user should have access to all of the site.

login as admin and password to see how I have set up membership. I am getting no errors in firefox error console so presuming I am doing something wrong with the set up!!

desperately trying to get this site live!!

thanks in advance


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Mike,

    Barry may not be available til Monday as it’s the weekend now.

    when they log in they cannot access their profile and the main menu does not show either.

    I’m taking a look at the site and logged in as “micb11” I’m able to see my profile page correctly.

    I’m not sure what you mean by the main menu though? Are you referring to the BuddyPress menu? I’m wondering if the BuddyPress menu shows when the membership plugin is deactivated as it’s not a BuddyPress theme.

    I think you’ve got the BP-Template Pack plugin running. Is the set up finished on this? I don’t have a ton of experience with this plugin.

    But maybe I’m misunderstanding the issue entirely. :smiley:

    this user should have access to all of the site.

    I am able to see all the content that I believe I should see. However, I’m noticing that even as a logged out “visitor” I’m still able to read things like the “blogs” category posts.

    I’m also thinking that setting up subscriptions in membership may be necessary to get the plugin working. Could be wrong on that one though.

  • micb22
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thought it was sorted but coming up with some strange thingd.

    I have done a clean install here

    I have set up a level 0 which is for visitors this does not allow anyone to see any buddypress sections. When I go into the settings and options and go to the protective content message. if I add a little message and log out when I click on any buddypress pages I can still see them. However if I create a custom page and select that it works

    please feel free to login



    it is only for testing

  • micb22
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    There is defintely something strange going on

    this is the link to another website

    in my options I have my protective content message. In the main menu (pink) you should not be able to access blog , when you click on it you should see my protective content message but it just goes to 404.

    Also you should not be able to access the buddypress section but you can!!

    Now if I was to add a custom page it works fine and says you cannot view this content from my custom page.

    So all is fine until I log in as a user, I cannot access my profile and it takes me to my custom restriction page and the main pink menu bar disappears. if I log in as admin all is fine thou

    This is all in testing you can log in as admin

    admin and password

    then try loginning in as user

    micb11 and password.

    I think this defintely has something to do with the protective content section in the options!

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