Membership Level Setup Help

Hi Barry

Thought I had this membership plugin sussed , but now having problems

I have 2 levels

1st level restricts access to category blog and restricts access to buddypress

2nd level gives access to the above

when a user is not logged in they are on level 1. When a user registers once activated they become level 2.

but when they log in they cannot access their profile and the main menu does not show either.

I do not know what I am doing wrong. I am using the sliding login panel (nice plugin)

Please can you have a look for me everything is backed up

so if you login in as micb11 and password you will see the problem . this user should have access to all of the site.

login as admin and password to see how I have set up membership. I am getting no errors in firefox error console so presuming I am doing something wrong with the set up!!

desperately trying to get this site live!!

thanks in advance